Oliver Williams is an analyst at WealthInsight and writes for VRL Financial News

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24 January 2014
Where in the world can you still expect to get minted? The clue is in the question. Jim O’Neill, the economist of...
30 October 2013
Is an MBA worth the money? Type this question into Google and the results will provide you with reading enough to last...
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08 October 2013
An African business magazine has just revealed that there are 55 billionaires in Africa. Ventures magazine realised the...
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04 September 2013
The Syria Question: It’s stolen the headlines and public debate this summer as Congress and Parliament come to...
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28 August 2013
Syria. It’s seeped into national politics, public life, and, lately, social media. But this week, as the taboo...
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16 August 2013
Consequences of Egypt’s summer coup will be, and already have been, devastating. That is one thing most people,...
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19 July 2013
$18 bn – that is the cost of Detroit’s debt, as revealed on Thursday when the city filed for bankruptcy,...
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25 June 2013
The name "Doha", scholars believe comes from the Arabic ad-dawha, "the big tree". The capital of...
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19 June 2013
After five years here it is: a parliamentary report recommending bad bankers go to jail. No more bonus restrictions,...
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10 June 2013
The mining industry finds itself in a very deep hole after new data from China. China’s May figures show a...
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03 June 2013
The world’s eyes are on Turkey this week. While we see images of tear gas drenched streets, armoured policemen,...
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20 May 2013
Who lives in central London now? Anybody who has strolled the stuccoed streets of Belgravia and the verdant squares of...
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02 May 2013
“It was all getting to feel a little bit 1788 and all that”. So said somebody connected with the opulent...
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25 April 2013
“Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured”, tweeted the Associated Press on Tuesday.
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17 April 2013
The good news is that when it comes to transparency, bigger is (normally) better.