Tim Wigmore is a contributing writer to the New Statesman. He tweets @timwig.

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The Staggers
22 February 2013
As exotic locations go, a Coventry solicitors’ office does not rank very highly. Yet the motley group who met...
The Staggers
21 February 2013
Anthony Seldon’s column in today’s New Statesman, calling for Ed Balls to resign, has provided plenty for...
20 February 2013
The formation of the Agang party in South Africa is the latest reflection of the failings of the post-1994 settlement...
Business blog
19 February 2013
In obsessing over the mansion tax we risk ignoring the real issue.
13 February 2013
Election debates in Kenya may help prevent the horrors of the last election.
The Staggers
12 February 2013
Much has been said about the challenges the Eastleigh by-election will pose for the two parties of government, and it...
Star Spangled Staggers
12 February 2013
It's the oldest electoral trick: if you don't like the result, change the rules. To some Republicans, it is...
12 February 2013
Diana just wants to play cricket. That may sound simple enough, but, for women in Afghanistan, little is. The fledgling...
17 January 2013
Trust the numbers.
The Staggers
17 December 2012
The Sandy Hook school shooting is the 15th mass shooting in the US in 2012. With the state of American gun laws, it is...
The Staggers
24 October 2012
Education is one area about which Ed Miliband has had little to say – but it is actually rife with radical "...
The Staggers
03 October 2012
Initial reactions to Ed Miliband’s Labour conference speech have been overwhelmingly positive, with even...