Richard Mylles is a political analyst at Absolute Strategy Research, an independent consultancy based in London.

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The Staggers
11 November 2014
It could still win a majority.
The Staggers
29 August 2014
Lessons from the Eurobarometer.
The Staggers
13 June 2014
The debate could move on to more fertile Labour territory such as public services.
The Staggers
05 November 2013
The extraordinarily rapid recovery of Labour's popularity following its poor share of the vote in 2010 (29% - a 25-...
The Staggers
27 August 2013
Those of a nostalgic bent might find the enduring ability of 'Europe' to cause such disruption in British...
The Staggers
18 July 2013
If promising referendums were a good way of winning votes then you can be sure there would be more politicians...
The Staggers
02 November 2012
Once Catalonia’s regional election completes on 25 November, Spain’s electoral calendar is scheduled to be...
Star Spangled Staggers
21 September 2012
A somewhat blithe consensus has built up around the view that Mitt Romney is destined to lose the US presidential...