Owen Smith is shadow welsh secretary and Labour MP for Pontypridd.

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The Staggers
02 July 2015
The last Labour government wanted to eradicate poverty; this one just wants to redefine it.
The Staggers
09 June 2015
2015 might not be rock bottom for Labour. It's vital the party picks the right leader.
The Staggers
24 October 2014
Shying away from English record.
The Staggers
03 July 2014
With ten months to go.
The Staggers
20 June 2014
The Welsh economy is bucking generational trends and leading the UK out of recession.
The Staggers
12 April 2014
A new report disproves Conservative claims of a health service in meltdown.
The Staggers
26 February 2014
This blue collar phase will pass.
UK Politics
24 January 2014
This week saw energy giant SSE announce a 8.8 per cent hike in profits, to £1.5bn. For its millions of customers...
28 November 2013
By rights, 2014 should be a dud year in the political calendar, a phoney war prefacing the resumption of full...
The Staggers
18 October 2013
Following last week’s announcement that SSE, the biggest supplier of energy to Welsh households, is to...
The Staggers
10 October 2013
What confusing times we live in if you’re a Conservative. A fortnight ago, your leader, David Cameron, was...
The Staggers
27 September 2013
There are only two explanations I can think of for the ill-judged and half-baked response of the Tories to the key...