Kevin Meagher is associate editor of Labour Uncut.

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The Staggers
11 July 2014
They should return to their social democratic heritage.
The Staggers
27 June 2014
Burnham’s plan shows the party grappling with real world problems.
UK Politics
28 January 2014
The politics of the quarterly growth figures underpin a narrative that either says "things are getting better,...
24 January 2014
Imagine if Tony Blair had publicly ripped into Gordon Brown for undermining his leadership and conniving to oust him,...
03 January 2014
When Ed Miliband stands in front of Labour’s special conference in eight short weeks who will he turn to as an...
UK Politics
25 November 2013
The good natured leg-pulling about his Desert Island Discs selections reinforces Ed Miliband’s reputation as the...
The Staggers
22 October 2013
Painting Ed Miliband as an unreconstructed socialist will get the Tory party nowhere warned legendary ad man and former...
The Staggers
13 July 2013
Part of the reaction to Ed Miliband’s speech earlier this week, signalling seismic changes in Labour’s...
The Staggers
06 July 2013
It is fair to say Philip Hollobone and Peter Bone don’t think much of David Cameron’s government. The clan...
The Staggers
24 April 2013
Sinn Fein has confirmed that dissident Irish republicans in Derry are actively targeting Northern Ireland’s...
The Staggers
19 April 2013
Did Margaret Thatcher have a problem with the Irish? It seems a fair question after Peter Mandelson’s odd...
The Staggers
08 April 2013
Cameron never altered the nasty party.
The Staggers
27 March 2013
Post-Blair "Blairism" is now stone-cold dead, writes Kevin Meagher.
The Staggers
22 March 2013
In his book Election ’45: Reflections on the revolution in Britain, which marked the 50th anniversary of the...
The Staggers
26 February 2013
Notwithstanding the defection of UKIP MEP Martina Andreason last Saturday, the Tories look set to lose the Eastleigh by...