Kevin Meagher is associate editor of Labour Uncut.

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The Staggers
15 January 2013
Brutality has been normalised.
The Staggers
19 December 2012
It was fun while it lasted. "Plebgate" and the drawn-out resignation of Andrew Mitchell has been pure gold...
The Staggers
04 December 2012
If some Machiavellian palace official is working off a strategic grid, making carefully-crafted announcements designed...
The Staggers
01 November 2012
No evangelicals for Europe.
The Staggers
01 October 2012
Who do you push off a mountain first, Cameron or Clegg? Cameron, of course, business before pleasure. A new variant of...
The Staggers
30 August 2012
Sir Rhodes Boyson, who died today at 87, was the archetypal eccentric Tory backbencher for nearly three decades. His...