Martin Plaut is a fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London. With Paul Holden, he is the author of Who Rules South Africa?

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15 December 2012
Young Eritreans, who have fled abroad to escape their government’s stifling repression and years of compulsory...
03 December 2012
In less than two weeks the African National Congress will gather in Mangaung – the metropolis around Bloemfontein...
22 November 2012
China has launched a drive to win "hearts and minds" in Africa just as western powers – including...
The Staggers
09 November 2012
In the wake of the Marikana massacre, in which 34 miners were mowed down by police, South African politics has been...
31 August 2012
South Africa at war with itself.
20 August 2012
South Africa is not a country at peace.