Emma Geen is a freelance writer. She tweets @EmmaCGeen and blogs at www.emmageen.com

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Cultural Capital
05 September 2012
Should we be surprised at fake Amazon reviews?
31 August 2012
It’s finally upon us. In what many will argue is a victory for science, but a blow to privacy, this September...
Cultural Capital
29 August 2012
Here’s a challenge, think of a film that meets the following three conditions: It includes at least two...
Cultural Capital
21 August 2012
Now the fevered flag-waving has finally wound down, let’s put the Olympics into perspective - my cat could outrun...
15 August 2012
As a young art student in New York in the 1980s, Ai Weiwei would use his camera as a diary. Back in China, film remains...
Cultural Capital
14 August 2012
The fly is a bullet so black that for a second I think it's swooping right at my face. A blink and I realise it to...
10 August 2012
The BBC has published a letter in today's Scotsman defending itself against claims that Newsnight Scotland is...
09 August 2012
News Corporation has reported large losses in its quarterly results. In the three months to the end of June 2011 the...
08 August 2012
Sir Elton John is seeking damages from the Times for the "insult and injury" caused by two libellous...
Cultural Capital
07 August 2012
Robert Hughes, the lauded art critic, writer and television documentary maker, died this Monday, aged 74, after a long...