Guy Shrubsole is energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth.

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The Staggers
30 June 2015
The words of Margaret Mead
The Staggers
09 January 2015
From the Infrastructure Bill to Paris talks.
The Staggers
12 August 2014
We need to know what risks we face.
The Staggers
09 July 2014
Campaigners putting the boot in.
The Staggers
24 June 2014
Six months on.
The Staggers
31 March 2014
New flood insurance doesn't factor in climate change.
The Staggers
19 February 2014
Last week, an opinion poll by YouGov found that public concern for the environment had spiked to levels not seen in any...
UK Politics
04 February 2014
At last, someone has said it. Chris Smith, chair of the Environment Agency, wrote in the Telegraph of the impossible...
UK Politics
14 January 2014
David Cameron sparked a storm at last week's PMQs when he stated he "very much suspects" that there is a...
UK Politics
30 December 2013
As the Christmas floods continued, it was inevitable that at some point the Prime Minister would pull on his gumboots...
09 December 2013
Crashing waves. Sandbags. Sodden clothes, carpets and furniture. Murky water, everywhere. Flooding is devastating, a...
The Staggers
08 November 2012
"Enough is enough", energy minister John Hayes proclaimed last week as he propelled himself into the...
27 July 2012
Who runs Britain’s energy policy? We have a Department of Energy and Climate Change – you might think from...