Julian Sayarer is cycling from London to Istanbul, he blogs at thisisnotforcharity.com, follow him on Twitter @julian_sayarer.

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The Staggers
01 June 2013
Protests and police brutality.
14 September 2012
Turkish woman takes the law into her own hands.
Business blog
23 August 2012
..and reaching the end of Europe.
Business blog
20 August 2012
...an ambivalent country.
Business blog
14 August 2012
The air in Greece is not thick with anything. There is nothing etched on the faces here. You cannot feel the tension...
Business blog
09 August 2012
...and discovering the "Balkan quagmire"
Business blog
03 August 2012
I've climbed through the Alps. The world feels different up there... all silent and timeless beneath peaks where...
Business blog
27 July 2012
France is exactly the same. Completely different. With the Tour de France just over for another year, you can sense...
Business blog
20 July 2012
“Neo-Victorian boom.” An expression that started to appear around a year ago is becoming something of a...