Declan Gaffney is a policy consultant specialising in social security, labour markets and equality. He blogs at l'Art Social

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Economics blog
12 June 2013
The Centre for Applied Data Torture is hard at work.
17 May 2013
It's not actually clear what "welfare" is.
Economics blog
01 May 2013
All that happened between 2004 and 2010 is more people started writing about welfare.
Business blog
06 March 2013
It's not greed, it's not fraud, it's just more people needing help to live their lives, writes Declan Gaffney.
Economics blog
15 February 2013
The experience of the social stigma around poverty is real, measurable and crucial.
Economics blog
15 November 2012
The silence is deafening.
Economics blog
16 July 2012
People leave housing benefit all the time