Natalie Bennett is the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales and a former editor of Guardian Weekly.

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The Staggers
19 September 2014
A meeting of delegates.
The Staggers
05 September 2014
For everyone by 2020.
The Staggers
24 July 2014
Tax the 1 per cent.
22 January 2014
Both a Tory minister and a Labour shadow have this week made the latest in a long line of deeply worrying, stigmatising...
UK Politics
16 December 2013
Food bank use in south east England, the region known for its wealth and relative prosperity, is up over 60% this year...
The Staggers
27 September 2013
The IPCC report has given the government a wake-up call.
The Staggers
28 February 2013
“The NHS is safe in our hands”, the government has been proclaiming - and it promised last year that it...
The Staggers
24 February 2013
The Green Party's Natalie Bennet argues this year will be a turning point for the nation.
The Staggers
13 January 2013
Shirkers versus strivers – those have been the terms of this week’s biggest debate, over the Welfare...
The Staggers
05 September 2012
There’s only one political subject in the news today: Cameron’s cabinet and ministerial reshuffles. You...
09 August 2012
There’s a lot that annoys me about the Labour Party – well I’m a Green, so that mightn’t be...
12 July 2012
When will we learn?