En Liang Khong is an arts writer and cellist.

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18 February 2014
Capitalism is a relatively new process in China. Although the reform-era economy is deeply marked by Chinese...
Cultural Capital
12 August 2013
Do It at the Manchester Art Gallery.
Art and Design
07 June 2013
Reading between the lines.
Cultural Capital
04 April 2013
In the 21st century, a writer facing allegations of copying is in for a distressing time. The veteran naturalist Dame...
04 March 2013
Last year the controversial Chinese novelist Mo Yan, in a Stockholm press conference before receiving the Nobel prize...
Cultural Capital
28 September 2012
A woman freezes mid-fall; the sound of feeding silkworms filters through; a column of human fat towers overhead. ...
08 August 2012
The pick of the new fiction you should be reading this season.
Cultural Capital
31 July 2012
“I have always been vocal with my opinions. A couple of weeks ago I was fired from my newspaper because of my...
Cultural Capital
28 July 2012
  Last night’s Olympics opening ceremony provoked some interesting comments on Twitter. Highlights include...
Cultural Capital
23 July 2012
Last weekend Andrew Mellor wrote an emotive piece about concert hall snobbery and class positioning in classical...
Cultural Capital
17 July 2012
The Durham Miners’ Gala, known locally as “The Big Meeting”, is the annual celebration of the...
Cultural Capital
17 July 2012
His website simply carried the statement “Jon passes from Darkness to Light”, adding that the musician was...
16 July 2012
Olympics security provider’s stock falls 9 per cent.
Cultural Capital
12 July 2012
This Saturday I will be joining 100 musicians in Peckham Rye Multi-Storey Car Park to perform the American composer...
Business blog
10 July 2012
London’s High Court yesterday dismissed Apple’s claims, made last year, that the Korean manufacturer’...