Tam Hussein is an award winning writer and journalist specialising in the Middle East. He spent several years in the Middle East and North Africa working as a translator and consultant. Tam also writes for the Huffington Post.

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Middle East
24 January 2013
Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi has become one of Syria’s leading opposition scholars (Ulama).  Before the uprising...
04 December 2012
There was an expectation that Ibrahim Nasrallah’s first UK book tour, which began last month, would focus on the...
06 November 2012
Last Monday, Soul City Arts - a Birmingham-based organisation delivering “arts interventions” throughout...
Cultural Capital
05 October 2012
The #COMETOGETHER exhibition opening in London’s Brick Lane may be about modern and contemporary art by Middle...
22 September 2012
  On Thursday, a conference was organised by the LSE Middle East Centre to assess the Syrian revolution 18 months...
01 September 2012
Assad's gruesome logic.
25 August 2012
As the Assad regime nears its end, Syrians are facing an uncertain political landscape. Transcending Sectarianism and...
09 August 2012
The influence of these religious scholars transcends borders.
Cultural Capital
26 July 2012
Revolt in Syria: Eye-Witness to the Uprising By Stephen Starr C Hurst & Co, 232pp, £14.99 Having lived in...
23 July 2012
The nationalization of the Suez Canal on 26 July 1956 represents the epitome of failure in Western diplomacy, the...
28 June 2012
Spiritual fulfillment post-revolution.