Willard Foxton is a card-carrying Tory, and in his spare time a freelance television producer, who makes current affairs films for the BBC and Channel 4. Find him on Twitter as @WillardFoxton.

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The Staggers
13 October 2014
If Ukip deserve to be there, so do they.
Cultural Capital
04 April 2014
It makes religious people look unfairly crazy.
29 July 2013
Aggregators are parasites.
28 Dates Later
11 July 2013
So, after 25 Dates, I was starting to get exhausted. That's part of why the blog has been moving forward with all...
The Staggers
04 July 2013
A bad week to be an immigrant in the UK.
28 Dates Later
30 May 2013
In which Willard finds he doesn't quite have enough in common with James Bond.
28 Dates Later
23 May 2013
In which Willard’s science experiment doesn't go to plan.
28 Dates Later
22 May 2013
In which Willard learns about numbers, graphs and dating systems.
28 Dates Later
21 May 2013
In which Willard meets his perfect woman. But. . .
28 Dates Later
18 May 2013
In which Willard extends his search to small-town England.
28 Dates Later
15 May 2013
In which Willard reopens old wounds.