Lindsay Judge is senior policy and research officer for the Child Poverty Action Group.

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12 August 2014
New research.
The Staggers
19 June 2014
The IPPR misses the point.
The Staggers
19 March 2014
A race to the bottom.
06 February 2014
It’s hardly news that the incomes of poorer families have been squeezed until the pips squeak. Declining real...
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17 October 2013
At first glance, September’s inflation figures released this week don’t seem particularly...
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05 September 2013
Whenever we talk to low-income families about welfare reform, they always ask the same question: when will I be moved...
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06 June 2013
Ed Miliband was right in his speech on social security today to suggest that it is neither a decrepit structure, nor an...
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21 March 2013
The Budget was nothing but underwhelming for low income families: cancelling the rise in fuel duty and a penny off...
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14 June 2012
When is child poverty not child poverty? When it is measured using the relative poverty indicator if Iain Duncan Smith...