Greek-born, Alex Andreou has a background in law and economics. He runs the Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company and blogs here You can find him on twitter @sturdyalex

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Alex Andreou
15 March 2013
Ten truths the media needs to hear.
Alex Andreou
12 March 2013
Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce broke the law and got sent down.
Alex Andreou
06 March 2013
Poverty is another country.
Business blog
28 February 2013
A “chastening year” for the bank?
Alex Andreou
21 February 2013
An egregious case of ostrichism.
Alex Andreou
11 February 2013
A catalogue of concerning views.
Alex Andreou
24 January 2013
On Anna Soubry and obesity.
Alex Andreou
22 January 2013
Why was our reaction so cynical?
Alex Andreou
09 January 2013
A debate immune to logic.
The Staggers
05 January 2013
As the IMF distances itself from unbalanced fiscal consolidation, Osborne is running out of allies — and time
Alex Andreou
31 December 2012
It is that time of year again, when I sit down like Scrooge, doing the books. I am not counting money – precious...
Alex Andreou
11 December 2012
Fascinators and neo-Puritanism.
Alex Andreou
30 November 2012
On the response to the Leveson report.
Alex Andreou
20 November 2012
Trust "trusted" new organisations.
Alex Andreou
23 October 2012
It's leaving them without assets.