Greek-born, Alex Andreou has a background in law and economics. He runs the Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company and blogs here You can find him on twitter @sturdyalex

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Alex Andreou
22 September 2013
Farage's dangerous trick.
Alex Andreou
18 September 2013
Resisting hatred.
Alex Andreou
20 August 2013
Flying home, wherever home may be.
Alex Andreou
05 August 2013
We should try to understand each other's experiences.
Alex Andreou
09 July 2013
I think it's called "hope".
Alex Andreou
02 July 2013
Performance-related pay in Westminster.
Alex Andreou
08 May 2013
Today, I watched as a monarch, wearing a crown encrusted with more than 3,000 precious gems, announced to a group of...
Alex Andreou
03 April 2013
We're really not all in this together.
Alex Andreou
22 March 2013
Fiscal equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears.