Charlotte Simmonds is a writer and blogger living in London. She was formerly an editorial assistant at the New Statesman. You can follow her on Twitter @thesmallgalleon.

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Cultural Capital
14 February 2013
Forget Paris. London is today’s amorous city of choice, according to a new book, London for Lovers. ...
The Staggers
14 February 2013
PLUS: Jeanette Winterson on Virginia Woolf.
12 February 2013
The American journalist Benjamin Cheever once lulles the praises of bourbon in an essay for Food and Wine magazine...
07 February 2013
Men of steel.
The Staggers
07 February 2013
PLUS: Who really runs Britain?
Art and Design
05 February 2013
The first of its kind in a British museum.
The Staggers
31 January 2013
PLUS: Bryan Appleyard on the entitlement of the super-rich.
28 January 2013
The allure of the treehouse.
The Staggers
24 January 2013
In this week’s New Statesman.
19 January 2013
The US journalist on why the Haiti earthquake relief effort has failed.
The Staggers
17 January 2013
In this week’s New Statesman: The A-Z of Israel
16 January 2013
The Italians do it.
14 January 2013
It seems the royal portrait painter doesn't do "pretty".
The Staggers
10 January 2013
David Skelton: What’s wrong with the Tory Party? In our cover story this week, David Skelton – director...
Art and Design
07 January 2013
Ordinarily crunched into a one-day showcase after the womenswear collections have wrapped up – rather like that...