Duncan Exley is the director of the Equality Trust

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The Staggers
17 September 2014
Run by elites, and torn apart.
The Staggers
16 June 2014
Ninety six per cent of people support a fairer system.
The Staggers
17 March 2014
The social consequences cost £39bn a year.
23 December 2013
When it comes to Christmas, we British are gonna party like it’s 1899; watch the TV over the next week and you...
UK Politics
20 November 2013
Today’s report on personal debt from the Centre for Social Justice makes for sobering reading. With average...
Economics blog
08 May 2013
The UK is a worse country in which to be a mother than many poorer nations, according to Save the Children.
Economics blog
21 April 2012
Pay beyond the boardroom is the real issue