A year on from the Spending Review, the coalition's soothsayer has emerged to offer another gloomy economic prognosis. Asked by ITV News whether he could promise that there wouldn't be a double-dip recession, Vince Cable replied: "I can't do that.

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07 January 2014
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‘Cut out the middleman and go direct!’ It’s something we’re often urged to do by advertisers...
03 December 2013
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22 November 2013
This year Gibraltar celebrates its 40th year within the European Union. As a European law firm based in Gibraltar we...
21 November 2013
In conversation with Volodymyr Khandogiy, Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK, on the Association Agreement between the EU...
19 November 2013
18 November 2013
Demographic Growth through Migration The government’s immigration figures for 2012 show a net migration of more...
12 November 2013
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18 October 2013
Sponsored post: Gibraltar has high employment, a strong economy running a surplus when everyhere else seems to be suffering, and is self-sufficient.