A year on from the Spending Review, the coalition's soothsayer has emerged to offer another gloomy economic prognosis. Asked by ITV News whether he could promise that there wouldn't be a double-dip recession, Vince Cable replied: "I can't do that.

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14 March 2014
Fracking has a key role to play in securing both our energy supply and the nation’s economic well-being. Q&A with Sir Alan Rudge, president, ERA Foundation
Finance & Economics
06 March 2014
Sponsored post: Gibraltar is an exciting British and European success story that shines out in an otherwise gloomy time of political and economic crisis. Peter Howitt.
The must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.
06 March 2014
A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days
03 March 2014
Quantifying greatness in the realm of film is a very tough thing to do. What makes you a truly great film director?
28 February 2014
At Salford Business School we are celebrating 2014 as the year of the creative SME. By that we don't just mean businesses operating in the creative sector, but rather businesses that take a creative and innovative approach to whatever sector they are oper
26 February 2014
Sponsored post: Some might call them cheats, Gap-yah sloane rangers or plastic poshos, but they are an ever increasing slice of the $1.4 trillion global travel industry. So who are flashpackers?
25 February 2014
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