Nida Broughton is Senior Economist at the Social Market Foundation.

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The Staggers
03 December 2014
What Osborne didn't mention.
The Staggers
24 November 2014
Missing fiscal targets.
The Staggers
06 October 2014
We need a credible plan.
The Staggers
29 September 2014
But he won't forget the deficit.
The Staggers
22 September 2014
One in seven workers.
03 December 2013
The financial crisis and subsequent downturn had a huge impact on the public finances. In two years, from 2007-08 to...
UK Politics
22 November 2013
Help to Buy Part 2 - the one where government guarantees mortgages to borrowers with a 5% deposit has attracted huge...
Economics blog
23 August 2013
The output gap is a strange and unpredictable beast, writes Nina Broughton.