Lucy Powell is vice chair of Labour's general election campaign and shadow minister for the Cabinet Office.

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The Staggers
22 February 2015
A party bereft of ideas.
The Staggers
03 November 2014
Engines of growth.
The Staggers
10 August 2014
A shift from crisis intervention to early intervention.
The Staggers
21 February 2014
Today's important report from the IPPR lays bare the difficulties David Cameron's childcare crunch is...
UK Politics
06 February 2014
Yesterday I gave a speech in front of 400 early years providers and professionals. Their dedication and commitment to...
UK Politics
12 December 2013
Working parents, and mums particularly, get a raw deal. Often seen as scatty and clock watching, they face prejudice at...
18 November 2013
As a working mum myself, I know the impact of the cost of childcare on family budgets. New figures by the Labour Party...
14 November 2013
The reports published today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on family breadwinners and poverty are a wake-...
The Staggers
04 October 2013
My election as the MP for Manchester Central has the unfortunate record of being the lowest turnout for a by-...
The Staggers
12 July 2013
As the dust settles on the 2013 Spending Round, it is perhaps no surprise given this government’s abysmal record...