James is a freelance journalist with a particular interest in UK politics and social commentary. His blog can be found hereYou can follow him on Twitter @jamesevans42.

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14 December 2013
The Occupy Sussex movement has acted as the spark for a new wave of protest.
Business blog
03 September 2013
We'll be able to produce anything from the basic building-blocks of matter itself.
Business blog
09 August 2013
Michael Birch reveals his plans for the resurrected social network.
10 July 2013
Time to be bold.
Cultural Capital
09 July 2013
Tope Forlarin wins top writing prize.
The Staggers
08 July 2013
In 2003, Tony Blair made the now infamous case for the Iraq war. Despite vocal opposition from within his own party and...
05 July 2013
Social media and a tangible, realistic goal have helped its success.
Business blog
03 July 2013
In 2008 AOL purchased the social network Bebo for $850m. Five years on, the site’s founder, Michael Birch has...