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26 February 2014
In recent days Ukrainian bonds suffered the worst selloff on record and the stock index fell 2.8 per cent
Markets and Currency
07 February 2014
As the protests in Ukraine have escalated over the last three months, President Viktor Yanukovych has appeared...
20 December 2013
There are likely to be many flashpoints of political violence erupting in 2014 – such as sectarian rumblings in...
29 November 2013
Bilateral Investment Treaties are important
19 November 2013
A "deepening" role for the market was proclaimed by China’s ruling elite as it concluded the third...
Business blog
11 October 2013
The recent terrorist attack on an up-market shopping mall in Nairobi represents a backlash against African Union...
Business blog
23 September 2013
..and the potential.
23 August 2013
A look at the current condition of the Egyptian economy.
Business blog
30 July 2013
Regulation and more regulation have become the siren calls of governments and the general public across the Western...
Business blog
16 July 2013
Debate rages as to the exact nature of events leading to the military ousting of President Mohamed Morsi. Was it a...
Business blog
01 July 2013
If we needed another reminder that geopolitics rather than economics has become the barometer of investor sentiment...