James Bloodworth is editor of Left Foot Forward

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20 April 2015
In Russia, headline clicks you!
The Staggers
25 March 2015
A duty of care.
The Staggers
29 December 2014
The political class's grand failure.
The Staggers
04 August 2014
Macho rhetoric that signifies nothing.
27 January 2014
Nigel Farage is a former stockbroker and the leader of a party which represents the interests of the white and well-...
20 December 2013
Just as some atheists and agnostics long to believe in God, many are more than a little keen to see the best side of...
The Staggers
07 November 2013
There is always a balance to strike in a democracy between being apolitical and being too political. Everyone is aware...
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04 October 2013
It is almost 25 years since the Berlin Wall was pulled down and eastern Europe toppled its Stalinist tyrants. You don...
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27 September 2013
Judging by certain Tory op-eds, you could be forgiven for thinking the Red Army has been given permission to water its...
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21 August 2013
During a speech on welfare a few months ago, Ed Miliband repeatedly referred to Labour as the "party of...
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18 June 2013
Much of the coverage of Ed Miliband’s recent welfare speech focused on his promise to cap social security...
The Staggers
07 June 2013
For some, the fact that Nigel Farage’s UKIP averaged 26 per cent in the recent local council elections signifies...