Jon Ashworth is Labour MP for Leicester South. 

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The Staggers
02 July 2014
Labour is rebuilding itself as a movement.
The Staggers
19 February 2014
This week the Commons is on a half-term recess. Since our return in January, MPs have devoted just 13 days to...
The Staggers
26 August 2013
Michael Gove has some cheek. Yesterday he threw around cheap smears about the Labour Party when in fact it...
The Staggers
10 August 2013
David Cameron must now take action.
The Staggers
04 July 2013
During his latest international tour, David Cameron again told us we are in a "global race". In Pakistan he...
The Staggers
09 May 2013
When David Miliband announced his resignation as MP for South Shields, there was some suspicion that another so-called...