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Energy/Clean tech
13 January 2014
But what will be the cost?
29 October 2013
Natural resources have been cited as the reason for many a territorial claim through the centuries - whether that be...
Business blog
30 September 2013
Despite the economic malaise that has hung over Europe for the past few years, one sector that has continued to grow is...
Business blog
09 September 2013
Much has been made in the press of Britain’s looming energy crisis over the past few years, with the more...
Business blog
03 September 2013
News this morning that Microsoft have bought Nokia’s mobile phone unit for £4.6bn is a natural step for the...
Business blog
12 August 2013
The largest gold miner in Australia has reported a net loss of US$5.77 bn for the 2013 financial year, thanks to a...
Business blog
30 July 2013
BP has today announced that the $20 bn fund it set up to pay compensation claims in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater...
Business blog
22 July 2013
The Indian pharmaceutical industry could be about to step up to the big league with the launch of a new original...
Business blog
15 July 2013
Reports from Silicon Valley suggest Apple is currently recruiting heavily in its iWatch wrist computer division, in the...
Business blog
12 June 2013
Energy regulator Ofgem has today announced plans designed to shake-up the market for British consumers by forcing the...
Business blog
03 June 2013
Lord Sugar has today called on the government to set a target for the decarbonisation of Britain’s electricity...
Business blog
28 May 2013
The sun doesn’t always shine on EU China trade links- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has had to step in to quell...
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20 May 2013
Part of a wider trend.
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15 May 2013
The offices of several European oil companies, including Shell, BP, Statoil and pricing agency Platts, were yesterday...
Business blog
07 May 2013
Oil and gas industry exports in Scotland reached £8.2bn for 2011-2012, according to new figures released by the...