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01 April 2014
Companies are starting to use their cash balances in at least one useful way, to provide training programmes for able young people as an alternative to university.
Business blog
14 February 2014
“Good morning. My name is Jackie and I am from Legacy here at the Olympic Park...” This was probably a well...
Tax and spending
05 February 2014
“It’s still £98.13 no matter if you have just installed a self-retracting awning sir.” “...
Tax and spending
21 January 2014
The last time I had dinner with Alistair Darling was in 1997. Sitting next to him, I suggested that tying your...
08 January 2014
After the cold turkey of Christmas there is a good slice of humble pie being eaten for New Year dessert. One by one,...
05 December 2013
I want to imagine a world where Scottish Independence is not the disaster some think it will be. I want to imagine a...
Financial services
27 November 2013
The first time I was told to shut up was in 1987 when I dared to question the policy of the Thatcher government....
12 November 2013
In a BBC Newsnight interview Russell Brand said that no corporation should make a profit. The multi-millionaire...
Markets and Currency
29 October 2013
Democratic control over quantitative easing would be a welcome first step.
Business blog
18 October 2013
For those people who prefer to live their lives in a state of permanent opposition to pretty much everything, Edward...
Business blog
01 October 2013
To date, the history of our current financial crisis has concentrated minds on the distribution of wealth in a way that...
Business blog
19 September 2013
In the history of industrial relations the clash between workers and management has always come down to: "How can...
Business blog
04 September 2013
Time isn’t a very interesting idea to a physicist. There is the unchangeable past and the unpredictable future....
Business blog
13 August 2013
The Roman Emperor Caligula knew about keeping people on his side – he would literally shower them with money,...
Business blog
30 July 2013
In 1969, as a nine year-old, the only real sign that we had gone on holiday to a fascist dictatorship was the policemen...