Chairman of  Saxo Capital Markets Board

An Honours Graduate from Oxford University, Nick Beecroft has over 30 years of international trading experience within the financial industry, including senior Global Markets roles at Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank and Citibank. Nick was a member of the Bank of England's Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee.

More of his work can be found here.

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22 April 2014
The decline since November 2013 was the largest since 1992.
Economics blog
24 February 2014
although the current storms may well weigh upon February’s statistics, Q2 growth could now hit 4 per cent and US rates could move significantly higher along the curve
Interest rates
11 February 2014
Let’s take the Fed first. When is a threshold not a threshold? Answer: when it becomes an embarrassment. With...
Markets and Currency
04 December 2013
If last week’s markets were quiet and range-bound due to Thanksgiving celebrations and a paucity of frontline...
Interest rates
20 November 2013
Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve always had a theoretical problem with forward guidance. Telling...
04 November 2013
If nothing else, I think we’d all agree that drafting the post-FOMC statement must surely be a huge...
Markets and Currency
28 October 2013
In creating what was a potentially vital part of the project to keep the Euro afloat, the European Central Bank had a...
22 October 2013
It’s been a pretty quiet year in the major currency markets. Euro vs the USD is the most actively traded currency...
Business blog
14 October 2013
"There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip". Shakespeare’s aphorism sums up very neatly the...
Business blog
08 October 2013
The government of the world’s largest economy is shut down and the current debt limit of $16.699 trn was expended...
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30 September 2013
As I write, 2.30pm UK time on 30th Sept, it is looking increasingly likely that the dysfunctional US Congress is...
Business blog
20 September 2013
The Fed’s decision to surprise the market by NOT tapering last Wednesday was clearly intended as a protest at the...
Business blog
16 September 2013
So now we're all on tenterhooks until 18th Sept., when we hear if the Federal Reserve has decided to reduce, (...
Business blog
06 September 2013
On the face of it, parts of August’s U.S. employment report, released on September 6th, don’t look too...