Salman Shaheen is editor-in-chief of The World Weekly, principal speaker of Left Unity and a freelance journalist.

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The Staggers
26 November 2014
Time for an alternative leftwing party.
The Staggers
31 March 2014
Challenge to austerity and privatisation.
The Staggers
10 September 2013
It had been almost a decade since I’d last stood in Hyde Park to protest something terrible. On 20 October last...
The Staggers
03 September 2013
"There is a spectre haunting Britain," Ken Loach warned a packed conference hall at the first national...
10 April 2013
Squashed beneath the seat of a train bound for Karachi, a frightened young boy hides in the hot dark from armed men...
Economics blog
18 February 2013
Now for the rest…