Holly Baxter is a freelance journalist who writes regularly for The Guardian and The New Statesman. She is also one half of The Vagenda and releases a book on the media in May 2014.

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28 November 2013
Ride the underground in London and you will soon be confronted with the wallpaper of dating site adverts that adorn its...
27 November 2013
A small, two-line subway system called the Metro runs through Newcastle-upon-Tyne, connecting the airport and the city...
25 November 2013
One day, Karen Ingala Smith started counting dead women and couldn’t stop. It was January 2012, and the year had...
06 November 2013
Not merely a 'cultural phenomenon'.
North America
19 October 2013
Tthe latest in a series of girls to report that they were sexually assaulted and cyberbullied on social media.
Global Issues
11 October 2013
The organisation overseeing elimination of chemical weapons in Syria was widely expected to win.
27 September 2013
Whose side are you on?
26 September 2013
On 2 August 1999, under the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour, Talk magazine held its launch party. It was...
International Politics
25 September 2013
Artwork turned propaganda.
20 September 2013
No stranger to controversy.
17 September 2013
Naming and shaming is the answer.
10 September 2013
Where maternity is concerned, studies are quick to generalise.
22 August 2013
Nothing makes you question the nature of your inner life more.
02 May 2013
  In 1997, a book by Marc Etkind called ...Or Not To Be: A Collection of Suicide Notes enjoyed quiet but firm...