Marie le Conte is a freelance journalist.

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26 June 2013
Compensation demanded in Sweden.
19 February 2013
In 2013, deciding to keep your body hair feels like a small revolution, a political rebellion: it sends a message, and...
06 February 2013
A group of MPs voted on Tuesday on the latest changes the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will bring to the...
05 February 2013
Initially opened in 1970, the Clothier Electrical Testing Laboratory was taken over by the New and Renewable Energy...
05 February 2013
Details of controversial regeneration agreement revealed.
01 February 2013
In the past few months, Britain and France have both faced the question of gay marriage – the French took to the...
Business blog
30 January 2013
Cable: "Doing nothing is not an option anymore”
29 January 2013
MPs were told today that the Bank of England’s £375bn policy of quantitative easing had left companies with...