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Julian Assange loses extradition appeal

WikiLeaks founder will return to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost his appeal against extradition and will return to Sweden to face accusations of rape and sexual assault. The decision on the Supreme Court was 5-2.

In its judgement, the Court said:

The issue is whether an European arrest warrant ("EAW") issued by a public prosecutor is a valid Part 1 EAW issued by a "judicial authority" for the purpose and within the meaning of sections 2 and 66 of the Extradition Act 2003.

By a majority the court has concluded that the Swedish public prosecutor was a "judicial authority" within the meaning of both the framework decision and the Extradition Act.

It follows that the request for Mr Assange's extradition has been lawfully made and his appeal against extradition is accordingly dismissed.

It added:

The supreme court by a majority of five to two (Lady Hale and Lord Mance dissenting) dismisses the appeal and holds that an EAW issued by a public prosecutor is a valid Part 1 warrant issued by a judicial authority within the meaning of section 2(2) and 66 of the 2003 Act.


George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.