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From Nayla to Tommy: my life as a "Drag King"
By Nayla Ziadeh - 02 January 11:57

It’s more a question of going about my everyday life while experiencing something of what it is to be in a man’s skin.

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The London clinic fighting back against female genital mutilation
By Natasha Tsangarides - 21 December 10:17

Natasha Tsangarides visits the West London African Women's Community Centre, which carries out "reversal" surgery for FGM survivors and campaigns for stronger protection for women.

Older people will always need support
Cutting the budget for social care is a false economy
By Sue Brown - 16 December 9:44

Social care is higher on the political agenda than at any time during the last few Parliaments, and yet disabled and older people now face a worse situation than when it was a low-profile issue.

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Why the UK needs to help deliver on women’s rights in Afghanistan
By Caroline Wright - 10 December 9:15

Caroline Wright tells the story of a fellow gynaecologist, “Dr D”, an Afghan health professional who has experienced death threats and attacks on her family in Afghanistan.

Don't abandon the women of Afghanistan
By Sandra Osborne - 03 December 12:20

The Afghan government’s move to consider reintroducing stoning for adultery may be a sign of things to come. Britain must act now to protect the women of Afghanistan.

Why Channel 4's Gogglebox is the best thing on television
By Jenny Landreth - 29 November 15:42

It reminds me that TV executives can get things right, which is bloody annoying.

The triumph of Oxford University's joke president is another symptom of disengagement
By Joe Collin - 29 November 15:37

Our fetishisation of the man who promised to turn the Bodleian Library into a night club demonstrates the dearth of remotely interesting people elsewhere.

Once the full stop meant a sentence was over - now it means you're angry
By Ben Crair - 26 November 13:07

The perpetual flow of instant messaging fears a heavy full stop - it means the conversation is over, or that you're being sarcastic, or angry. How did this happen to a once neutral punctuation mark?

Nega Eskinder.
The New Statesman Christmas campaign 2013: Help get Eskinder Nega home
By Naomi Westland - 26 November 10:30

The 44-year-old journalist was recently imprisoned for eighteen years on "terrorism" charges after criticising the Ethiopian government's use of anti-terror laws to silence free opposition.

After speaking out against FGM, I faced a backlash. That's why we all need to stand together
By Nimko Ali - 25 November 12:49

After coming out as a survivor of female genital mutilation, Nimko Ali heard from men who wanted to kill her and lost contact with people who she considered to be family. That's why we have to speak out on behalf of those who are still finding their voice

Julius Malema.
Campaigning has already begun in South Africa - so who are the hopefuls for 2014?
By Martin Plaut - 24 November 13:50

Next year's election is likely to be the most difficult the governing ANC has fought since it was first elected in 1994.

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How the legacy of Victorian times still looms over single mothers
By Ben Gwalchmai - 23 November 12:53

No single mother I’ve known could be called a "shirker" - and yet the discriminatory influence of the 19th century continues.

The drug that could save tens of thousands of lives - if only doctors could be told about it
By Ian Roberts - 22 November 11:25

The clotting drug tranexamic acid has already been included in the White House Medical Unit treatment protocols for President Obama. But until more people know about it, thousands of trauma victims all over the world will die needlessly without it.

Why is China such fertile ground for young, ambitious Brits?
By Lu-Hai Liang - 20 November 17:01

Young British people are choosing to emigrate to China, armed with strategies for chasing success. Why?

London's new African best friends
By Martin Plaut - 19 November 16:59

Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania are to form “High Level Prosperity Partnerships” with the UK. But this odd collection of new partners has one thing in common: all have oil or gas deposits.

Where were you when JFK was shot?
By Bonnie Greer - 12 November 16:09

Bonnie Greer remembers how “Mom and Apple Pie America” came to an end with the assassination of John F Kennedy fifty years ago.

Occupy Wall Street protesters picket during a May Day rally
Who are the new socialist wunderkinds of America?
By Max Strasser - 09 November 9:52

Every time I’ve come home to the US from my home abroad over the past four years, I notice a trend among people of my demographic: they have become increasingly politicised – and increasingly radical.

How and why do we use animals in research?
By Nancy Lee - 04 November 12:44

There are few topics as emotive as the use of animals in research, and few topics where public trust is so essential. This is your chance to have your say.

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Why the threat of genocide hangs over the Central African Republic
By Martin Plaut - 04 November 11:23

The Central African Republic (CAR) – a byword for human rights abuses for decades – is slipping towards a bloodbath.

Britain’s economy is now beholden to big finance
The financialisation of everyday life must be confronted
By Costas Lapavitsas - 01 November 11:02

Unless we can reverse this financialisation and create a healthier basis for growth, the prospects for working people look grim.

Reclaim the Night: how analog campaigning can triumph in an age of archair activism
By Rebecca Winson - 31 October 9:51

Modern feminism is all webzines and, but there is a lot to be said still for campaigns like Reclaim the Night, launced in a time when there were no hashtags, no Facebook event, and no Instagrams of placards.

Why Prince George will never be king
By Christopher Lee - 23 October 14:54

Former BBC Royal Correspondent Christopher Lee says there's little chance the new prince will ever wear the crown.

A pupil holds a pencil during a maths lesson
Five lessons from Derby: The Significance of Al-Madinah Free School
By Laura McInerney - 18 October 9:57

Even if 90 per cent of Free Schools are brilliant, it is not okay to sacrifice 400 children in a process that was obviously foolish from the outset.

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The Care Bill presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for disabled rights
By Richard Hawkes - 10 October 15:59

The Care Bill returns to the House of Lords this week. The Government has put down some welcome changes. But political leaders have to be visionary, be bold and think beyond the next election. So do councils – and so, too, do organisations like Scope.

What the duffin tells us about the power of the PR machine
By Rachel McCormack - 10 October 13:37

There are precious few options left to tiny fish left in a sea of trademarking sharks.

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From Siegfried Sassoon to Sinead O'Connor, those who write open letters know their power
By Hope Whitmore - 10 October 11:45

A whole lot of young men and women have just had their first introduction to concepts like women’s sexual freedom, structural oppression and liberation, and mental health stigmas by means of the Miley/Sinead debate.

Are the Austrian FPÖ party really neo-Nazis?
By Liam McLaughlin - 09 October 9:14

At an FPÖ rally, I mix with those who are both for and vehemently against the controversial party. FPÖ are compared to Nazis, one man says, because the FPÖ is an identity cult which exists only through the leader: “Strache is the FPÖ”.

How I became a lads' mag feminist
By Lulu Le Vay - 08 October 10:58

Lulu Le Vay used to physically balk at the sight of a young bloke flicking through the bosom-heavy pages of a lads’ mag. But once she started working for one, she became a lot less sure that these publications were as "degrading and harmful" as she had al

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Meet Matthew Lee, the scourge of the United Nations
By Martin Plaut - 08 October 10:34

Unrecognised by the public, lone journalist Matthew Lee's work in trying to hold the UN to account has made him someone few diplomats can afford to ignore.

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We need to talk about revenge porn
By Ellie Hutchinson - 05 October 11:47

"Young women who have contacted us talk about feeling “dirty” and “shamed”, they talk about self -harming and depression"