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Did we all go out of our minds on transfer deadline day?
By Martin Cloake - 04 September 10:27

It is obscene and absurd — but Martin Cloake can't stop watching.

Caroline Criado-Perez (r) with Mary Macleod, Mark Carney and Stella Creasy
Caroline Criado-Perez's speech on cyber-harassment at the Women's Aid conference
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 04 September 9:07

"If there’s one thing I want to come out of what happened to me, it’s for the phrase “don’t feed the trolls” to be scrubbed from the annals of received wisdom."

The Telegraph needs a non-sexist approach to promoting sex-ed
By Zoe Margolis - 03 September 17:54

Clare Perry's campaign for a porn filter might undermine her support for better sex ed, writes Zoe Margolis.

Ethiopia and Kenya help dismember Somalia
By Martin Plaut - 03 September 10:42

A new deal has recognised Jubaland, a strip of land in southern Somalia and bordering on Kenya and Ethiopia, as yet another quasi-independent entity in the region.

Annette Ashby, the first woman to be elected to the Society of Engineers
Get more women into tech? My colleagues never got the memo
By Tina Amirtha - 03 September 10:20

Forget the motivational media campaigns - Tina Amirtha explains what it's really like to be a female engineer in a male-dominated profession.

Don't be sniffy about "Mumsnet Feminism"
By Hannah Mudge - 01 September 10:56

Anyone sneering at Mumsnet as a forum for feminist discussion probably hasn't visited the site very much, says Hannah Mudge.

The many faces of India
By Asiya Islam - 30 August 15:41

The idea that India is "the rape capital of the world" needs to be challenged but without refusing women's experience of fear and violence.

India has to make the fight against rape something that cannot be ignored
By Monisha Rajesh - 29 August 15:19

Every time a high-profile rape case occurs in India, there is shock, outrage and protests, but nothing actually changes.

What it's like to be an ugly feminist
By Emma Burnell - 28 August 11:27

I have been told I am “too ugly to rape” and “too fat to live”. Great campaigns have been run to combat the sexual objectification of women, but we must also take into account those of us for whom the very lack of objectification is used as a weapon to ke

Martin Luther King waves to supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Martin Luther King and the African-American fight for justice
By Bonnie Greer - 28 August 9:10

From fairly early on, the Civil Rights Movement, in many instances, was a carefully managed affair. Bonnie Greer examines the role of the black middle class in the Civil Rights Movement and the March on Washington.

Dear Jamie Oliver, poverty isn't picturesque by the Mediterranean either
By Rachel McCormack - 27 August 16:18

The TV chef's remarks that "You go to Italy or Spain and they eat well on not much money" reveals a startling ignorance about what life is really like in Italy or Spain for those without much money.

New Statesman
Leave homophobia to Speaker's Corner: don't teach it in schools
By Tom Copley - 24 August 11:17

Should faith schools criticise homosexuality? No, says Tom Copley.

New Statesman
Let's stop pretending internet activism is the real thing
By Joe Rivers - 24 August 10:43

There's a lack of modern activism.

What do you do if your parents have drowned in the North Sea?
By Caroline Crampton - 23 August 10:15

Caroline Crampton was stuck on a train to Edinburgh, forced to deal with the worst.

Ghosts in the digital age: the online baggage we carry into our relationships
By Sian Lawson - 23 August 8:32

More of our relationships are conducted online than we realise, says Sian Lawson. From jealous ghosts to misogynist threats, our behaviour towards each other is not just over-familiar, it has become proprietorial.

What Chelsea Manning can expect in a US prison
By Jane Fae - 22 August 17:30

The soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning has announced that from now on she will living as a woman. What will life be like for a trans woman inside the US prison system?

Should Arab countries pay reparations for the slave trade too?
By Martin Plaut - 21 August 14:31

Fourteen countries of the Caribbean are seeking reparations from three European nations for the slave trade. While the British responsibility for the Trans-Atlantic trade rightly remains high on the agenda, perhaps there are other countries which should b

David Miranda appearing on BBC News.
David Miranda: Remember his name
By Adam Wagner - 21 August 12:50

Even if it was legal, that doesn’t make it right.

We can't crowdsource the right to free speech
By Mark Owen - 19 August 16:18

The BBFC's plan to put content flags on online video could work – but crowd-sourcing censorship isn't the right way to do it.

Why it's different for girls: slut-shaming in the digital age
By Sarah Ditum - 19 August 16:02

In the world of popular sexual mores, public oral sex is apparently seen as pretty much neutral for men. It's the woman who gets to be the repository for everything deemed "shameful" or "disgraceful". A culture that hates women for having sex is one that

A to B: How not to die on a bike in London
By Hayley Campbell - 19 August 14:25

Hayley Campbell is inexplicably still living. She shares her tips on how to master this impressive feat yourself.

A to B: Transport week at the New Statesman
By Alex Hern - 19 August 13:29

Introducing a week of themed posts on how we get from here to there and back again.

Welcome to Britain: Border control officers can seize personal data without reasonable suspicion
By Tim Hardy - 19 August 13:06

The detention of David Miranda, partner of <em>Guardian</em> journalist Glenn Greenwald, by border officials has put the spotlight on the powers conferred on the UK's border control officials by Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000.

What would Britain be like if it was at peace?
By Martin Plaut - 16 August 15:40

Since 1945, Britain has almost never been at peace. These conflicts have preoccupied the military and legitimised spending and facilities that would cause major problems if we stayed away from war.

How many teenagers are using to self-harm?
By Hazel Robinson - 14 August 11:25

Some of the young people experiencing online abuse will be sending it to themselves, writes Hazel Robinson. That doesn't make their pain any less real - but it should inform how we approach the subject.

Troll. Flickr/aka Jens Rost, used under Creative Commons
The illusion of anonymity: how easy it is to hunt down a troll?
By Stuart Houghton - 12 August 12:39

"Come and find me," said the man who didn't believe it was easy to find people on the net, giving his real name. Twenty minutes later, I knew his address, university and current height and weight.

The six most pointless summer "news" stories
By Bithia Large and Joe Collin - 09 August 15:00

It's August. There is no news to report, so our newspapers are filling their pages with this guff instead.

Selfridges Birmingham.
Birmingham or Manchester: Which is Britain's second city?
By Joe Collin - 08 August 17:00

Obviously, it's Birmingham.

Second homes: they do more damage than you realise
By William Hazell - 07 August 9:51

It’s hard to have a healthy community when locals can’t afford to live there anymore.