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The Dignitas clinic in Zurich, Switzerland
Tony Nicklinson and a doctor's take on assisted dying
By Alan White - 19 June 15:44

A GP lays out his reservations about the potential legalisation of euthanasia

The view through the gate at Broadcasting House in London
BBC plans will hijack and homogenise local radio
By Nichi Hodgson - 19 June 8:36

Shutting down LGBT, Irish and Jewish community radio programmes in Manchester won't even save any money.

Enoch Powell in 1969
Enoch was wrong: the attempted rehabilitation of a racist
By Dorian Lynskey - 18 June 18:23

For a man so clever, he brought a lot of misery to a lot of people's lives.

A gamer of yesteryear. This dying breed will defend its turf to the death.
The angry fundamentalists of the church of gaming
By Phil Hartup - 17 June 11:45

Why are gamers such an angry bunch?

Why the Lara Croft backlash is bad for games
By Will Luton - 16 June 13:58

Hair-trigger outrage harms creativity.

The 2011 census.
Is there any such thing as British ethnicity?
By Samira Shackle - 13 June 10:31

Ethncity is officially "self-defined". Whether Cornish, Welsh, or Arab, you make a statement when you tick a box.

Karen Sherlock's Twitter page.
How many more disabled people will die frightened that their benefits will be taken away?
By Sue Marsh - 11 June 13:25

Karen Sherlock faced endless pressure, the judgement of society, the fear of destitution, the exhaustion of constant assessments and endless forms - all as she battled to survive.

Refugees living in Britain celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
What does Britishness look like from the outside?
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 11 June 11:32

For those at the mercy of war, poverty, and global inequality, to be born in Britain is to be born powerful.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are regular fixtures on Mail Online
Sex, children and Mail Online
By Martin Robbins - 11 June 11:09

The Daily Mail campaigns against the sexualisation of children. Meanwhile, its website runs pictures of 14-year-old Kylie Jenner in a "tiny wetsuit" and "skimpy bikinis". What's wrong here?

Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders tries to break America
By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - 09 June 19:38

Luckily, his anti-Muslim tract gains little traction in the US.

Here come the brides... well, not if Theresa May has her way.
The price of love? £25,700 a year, according to Theresa May
By Jonathan Headington - 09 June 13:40

Those who marry non-EU nationals will need to earn £25,700 a year if they want their partners to join them in Britain. Is it fair that only the well-off can marry who they want?

Robert Mugabe
Sanctions against Zimbabwe have failed
By Miles Tendi - 08 June 18:22

They have become a political tool for Zanu-PF, as many African leaders continue to view sanctions as a tool for Western imperialism.

Woman laughing
Where we see vulnerability, Frankie Boyle sees a target
By Nicky Clark - 08 June 12:55

Frankie Boyle passes off his jokes about rape and "retards" as satire, but it is just vile with a smile, says Nicky Clark.

A Sahrawi refugee walks in a Western Sahara refugee camp.
Why Morocco must not be allowed to join the African Union
By Tom Stevenson - 06 June 15:16

The country's occupation of Western Sahara is one of international diplomacy’s greatest failures.

Protestors chant slogans against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
The haunting images from Syria moved me to action
By Louise Tickle - 05 June 11:30

The media has a right - and even a duty - to publish graphic images.

Money has changed – that’s the issue
By Peter Selby - 31 May 12:23

Markets and moral limits.

Prime minister - and king of sport
By Martha Gill - 31 May 11:37

Cameron's skills are not limited to tennis.

Israel's race riots
What is behind the Israeli mistreatment of African migrants?
By Ben White - 28 May 16:12

Disturbing rhetoric on race from Israeli government ministers.

Trimingham's loss is a victory for bi-phobia
Trimingham's loss is a victory for bi-phobia
By Nichi Hodgson - 28 May 11:35

The Mail's attacks on Carina Trimingham were unacceptable.

Rwanda water project
Water: a most precious commodity and a basic right
By Barbara Frost - 25 May 20:26

Thousands die every day from the consequences of drinking from tainted sources. We can make a differ

"Negging": the anatomy of a dating trend
By Nicky Woolf - 25 May 14:27

Ever been insulted in a bar? It's possible you were being "negged".

In search of the European dream
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 25 May 10:45

Undocumented migrants have skewed ideas about life in Europe.

New Statesman
A shed of one's own
By James Ball - 25 May 9:29

We need to be more open about issues facing men.

New Statesman
Marie's place is empty
By Cyrus Shahrad - 24 May 10:58

Remembering Marie Colvin, 1956-2012.

New Statesman
What it is like to be a man with an eating disorder?
By Joseph Stashko - 24 May 9:52

Too often, help and discussion is targeted only at women.

New Statesman
Freedom of information and unusable data
By Victoria James - 23 May 9:34

Disclosure of data is all very well, but only if it is intelligible and reliable.

The Second Sexism: don't judge a book by its press
By Ally Fogg - 23 May 9:15

David Benatar's book has valid comments to make about the position of men.

New Statesman
Better porn with de Botton
By Nichi Hodgson - 21 May 10:19

There is scope to re-think the porn industry.

New Statesman
After Rochdale
By Sara Khan - 20 May 9:54

Asian women are suffering too.