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In reality, the market is skewed against smaller players.
Social enterprises, big corporations and the NHS
By Veronika Thiel - 06 July 11:48

The devil is in the details.

Kim Kardashian
The doublethink that allows tabloids to campaign against online porn
By Martin Robbins - 06 July 9:26

A teenage rapist was excused by a judge because he had been "corrupted" by online filth. Where's the evidence?

Why is the National Trust pandering to Creationists?
By New Statesman - 05 July 16:12

A new exhibit at Giant's Causeway reflects "views outside mainstream science".

Year 10 pupils at Burlington Danes Academy in West London
Education is a public good, not a consumer good
By Martin Johnson - 05 July 12:14

Accepting market solutions for school improvement is the wrong way to go.

Frank Ocean comes out: a brave move in the exaggeratedly heterosexual world of hip hop
By Dorian Lynskey - 04 July 17:42

What it means to be the first out gay star in urban music.

Oscar Pistorius competing at the Paralympic World Cup in May 2012
Oscar Pistorius makes history as first amputee athlete selected for the Olympics
By Caroline Crampton - 04 July 14:19

The "Blade Runner" has been picked for South Africa's 4x400m team.

Blaming the "culture" is no excuse for what happened at Barclays
By Catherine Fieschi - 04 July 13:08

The dreaded "c-word" has become an excuse to say banal but unpalatable things.

To get Julian Assange to face the Swedish allegations, America should back off
By Ryan Gallagher - 03 July 13:49

If the US promises not to extradite him from Sweden, Julian Assange may be able to put an end to the saga

Egyptian presidential guards stand outside Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque.
The plight of Egypt’s forgotten Shia minority
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 03 July 11:32

Even after the historic election, this marginalised minority risk daily persecution and victimisation because of their beliefs.

An American soldier taking a communist prisoner in Korea
The truth about mind control
By Richard Wiseman - 03 July 9:28

All you have to do to get someone to believe something is make them behave as if they do.

Boris Johnson at the Gay Pride march in London in 2008
Why Boris Johnson should step in to save London’s WorldPride parade
By Nichi Hodgson - 03 July 8:52

The Mayor could make an important gesture to the LGBT community in London by helping with last-minute funding problems.

Mark Serwotka: Why the PCS union could run its own election candidates
By Mark Serwotka - 02 July 17:38

"The choice between Tory and Labour cuts is no choice at all," says the union leader, who wants to challenge the "austerity consensus".

The American revolution in English schools
By Trevor Fisher - 29 June 16:29

The belief in school autonomy appears to be a myth.

How on earth will we create the next Steve Jobs?
By Stephen Twigg and Dan Jarvis - 29 June 16:05

Matching demand in the education system.

Graffiti in La Marsa reading 'God is great,' left by rioters.
The rise of Salafism in Tunisia
By Tam Hussein - 28 June 10:57

Those thirsty for spiritual fulfillment are increasingly turning to the Saudi brand of Islam.

Lonesome George, the last known individual of the Pinta Island Tortoise
Why Lonesome George should get stuffed (or pickled)
By Paolo Viscardi - 27 June 15:11

Embalming him will be worth the effort for the insights we get into his species.

Post-election celebrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo
Celebrations fade as constitutional crisis edges closer in Cairo
By Bel Trew - 27 June 11:10

An unlikely coalition has formed between the Brotherhood and left-leaning revolutionary groups.

Syrian refugees in Turkey
The final hurdle for an international arms trade treaty
By Kate Allen - 27 June 8:26

We're so close to signing one of the world's most historic and important treaties.

Protestors at Dungavel Detention Centre in Edinburgh in 2005
One month of hunger
By Helen Robb - 26 June 16:57

How thirteen Sudanese asylum seekers starved their way to fairness.

How I sued the Daily Mail – and won
By Luke Cooper - 26 June 10:09

The paper labelled me a ringleader in violent disorder at the Millbank protests.

Yousuf Raza Gilani, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan who was ousted in Apri
To lose one prime minister
By Catriona Luke - 25 June 13:37

Pakistan’s military are doing their damndest to prevent a civilian government reaching an unprecedented full-term.

A block of flats in Bath
Housing benefit can be the route to social mobility
By Nichi Hodgson - 25 June 12:00

Without housing benefit mine and my family's life chances would have been obliterated.

A refugee looks out across the English Channel from Calais
Refugees are being driven to despair in Calais
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 22 June 8:57

With so many still suffering on our doorstep, what's the point of World Refugee Day?

The Jimmy Carr witchhunt should end
By Josh Spero - 21 June 11:28

The comedian acted within the law.

Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas in June 2012
Kim Kardashian's curves aren't to blame for our problems
By Nichi Hodgson - 21 June 9:24

Young girls admiring Kardashian's unskinny form isn't going to bring Western Civilisation tumbling down

Housing benefits and the Olympics
By Veronika Thiel - 20 June 17:23

How housing benefit caps exacerbate the effects of the Olympics.

The real reason Julian Assange sought asylum
By Ryan Gallagher - 20 June 10:45

The WikiLeaks chief fears he could face the death penalty in the US for treason.

The Dignitas clinic in Zurich, Switzerland
Tony Nicklinson and a doctor's take on assisted dying
By Alan White - 19 June 15:44

A GP lays out his reservations about the potential legalisation of euthanasia

The view through the gate at Broadcasting House in London
BBC plans will hijack and homogenise local radio
By Nichi Hodgson - 19 June 8:36

Shutting down LGBT, Irish and Jewish community radio programmes in Manchester won't even save any money.