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British diver Tom Daley
Involving the police is not the way to teach trolls a lesson
By Robert Sharp - 31 July 14:51

People have a right to be angry.

Co-operative housing could be the answer to Britain's troubles
By Samir Jeraj - 31 July 11:50

In the face of cuts and a decline in home ownership, co-ops could help people into the market.

Propaganda in Hong Kong: "If there are problems with the brain, then it needs to be washed"
By Alex Hern - 30 July 12:15

Efforts by Beijing to brainwash Hong Kong children spark protests.

Counter Olympics protest
Not everyone is happy about the Olympics
By Rizwan Syed - 29 July 12:48

Protesters march against the corporate takeover of the Games.

Critical Mass cyclists detained
The Olympic spirit?
By Ellie Mae O'Hagan - 29 July 10:26

Cyclists banned from Newham for the duration of the Games.

Dizzy Gillespie playing with a Sindhi snake charmer at a public park
Rock 'n’ roll and flowery shirts
By Catriona Luke - 27 July 17:19

Pakistan, before it was overtaken by General Zia’s Islamisation programme, had a swinging, chilling vibe and a vibrant intellectual scene.

New Statesman
Who runs Britain’s energy policy?
By Guy Shrubsole - 27 July 14:34

A smaller cut in wind power funding comes at the cost of a commitment to decades more of dirty and expensive gas.

George Osborne
Today's GDP figures are the final nail in the coffin of Osborne's credibility
By David Blanchflower - 25 July 15:30

This was all so avoidable, and entirely predictable.

Marie Staunton with Namala
Female genital mutilation: what the UK can learn from overseas
By Marie Staunton - 25 July 14:05

We would do well to learn from the openness, engagement and attitude change in Mali.

The Mail's odd campaign against "plastic Brit" Olympic athletes
By Sunder Katwala - 25 July 12:20

Is everyone born abroad somehow not really British?

Presenter Stacey Dooley
The BBC3 documentary that broke all the rules on reporting suicide
By Chris Atkins - 24 July 17:05

Stacey Dooley's programme was ill-judged and offensive, says Chris Atkins.

Don't delude yourself about why you're sending your children to private school
By Dorian Lynskey - 24 July 15:17

Janet Murray's article tries to suggest that liberal beliefs are a naive fairy tale which collapse on impact with the brutal truth.

A woman holds a banner outside a branch of Vodafone in 2011.
Changing the world takes more than a flash-in-the-pan campaign
By Molly Solomons - 24 July 12:57

Good things come to those who wait.

Cooperation must be at the heart of Labour's renewal
By Steve Reed - 24 July 9:43

Councils are already implementing a model that could revolutionise public services nationally.

If the coalition is committed to families, why are maternity services being cut?
By Heather McRobie - 24 July 8:37

The strain of austerity is beginning to show on maternal care provision.

Six things we’ve learnt from Sue Akers at the Leveson Inquiry
By Thais Portilho-Shrimpton - 23 July 18:18

We've found out that News International withdrew co-operation with the police, and the sheer size of the challenge facing the Met, says Hacked Off's Thais Portilho-Shrimpton.

Congolese women walk with their belongings to the border.
Pity the financiers in the heart of darkness
By Nick Dearden - 23 July 16:44

It's the people of Africa who are being ripped off.

Colonel Nasser
Lessons from the Suez Crisis for dealing with modern Egypt
By Tam Hussein - 23 July 9:48

Britain's disastrous colonial attitude to Nasser should warn of the dangers of a lack of engagement.

Sorry Ken, rent caps aren't the best answer to our housing crisis
By Robbie de Santos - 20 July 18:21

Ken Livingstone correctly identifies many of the problems in the rental market. But a more workable solution than his proposed rent cap may be right under our noses, says Shelter's Robbie de Santos.

A placard carried by a gay man during a pride march in London
What does it mean to be LGBT and Muslim in the UK?
By Brian Leli - 20 July 13:48

"I was born a Muslim...and I will die a Muslim. But I was also born a gay man, and I will die a gay man, too."

Why didn't Mumsnet get a response on sex education?
Mumsnet vs the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child on sex education
By Sarah Ditum - 20 July 13:05

What is it about the SPUC that makes it more worthy of ministerial attention than the Mumsnetters?

The athletes' village at the Olympic Park in East London
The gypsies who lost their homes to make way for the Olympics
By Ros Wynne-Jones - 19 July 16:28

The construction of the athletes' village broke up a community that had been on the site legally since 1972.

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand seems to think his "choc-ice banter" is a private conversation
By Sam Delaney - 19 July 12:17

Footballers, freed from the clutches of their media advisers, can become alarmingly interesting online.

A Greenpeace activist covers the logo of the Shell oil company
Epic Shell PR fail? No, the real villains here are Greenpeace
By Martin Robbins - 18 July 11:15

Since when were Greenpeace the bad guys?

Newly-arrived Bengali women on Brick Lane in 1978
We still have a race problem
By Varun Chandra - 17 July 16:53

Finding a shared British identity is vital to overcoming racial tensions.

The Olympic stadium in East London
The Voice denied accreditation for the Olympic stadium
By Caroline Crampton - 17 July 10:18

Britain's oldest and biggest black newspaper has been refused access to report from the Olympic stadium.

Elizabeth Wamaitha, who was detained in a British-run labor camp for three years
It's time to acknowledge the victims of colonial-era torture in Kenya
By Daniel Leader - 16 July 15:46

The coalition must practice what it preaches on human rights.

Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 film Gas Light
Using "because I’m a man" as an excuse for an "inevitable" response is just plain sexist
By Nichi Hodgson - 16 July 12:48

Gaslighting and self-reflexive sexism aren't something we can let slide.

We need to talk about genitals
By Alice Hoyle - 16 July 12:29

You can't teach sex education without using the proper words, although schools minister Nick Gibb seems to think otherwise.