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The Olympic stadium in East London
The Voice denied accreditation for the Olympic stadium
By Caroline Crampton - 17 July 10:18

Britain's oldest and biggest black newspaper has been refused access to report from the Olympic stadium.

Elizabeth Wamaitha, who was detained in a British-run labor camp for three years
It's time to acknowledge the victims of colonial-era torture in Kenya
By Daniel Leader - 16 July 15:46

The coalition must practice what it preaches on human rights.

Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 film Gas Light
Using "because I’m a man" as an excuse for an "inevitable" response is just plain sexist
By Nichi Hodgson - 16 July 12:48

Gaslighting and self-reflexive sexism aren't something we can let slide.

We need to talk about genitals
By Alice Hoyle - 16 July 12:29

You can't teach sex education without using the proper words, although schools minister Nick Gibb seems to think otherwise.

A protest on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard in June 2012.
Why the world should care about Israel's social justice movement
By Camilla Schick - 14 July 12:49

Demands for internal reform could also accelerate the peace process.

Job seekers need jobs to find.
Withdrawing benefits when there are no jobs to find is just cruel
By Tom Riddington - 13 July 13:09

A doctor writes first hand of the repercussions of Whitehall hyperbole on benefits.

A member of activist group La Barbe onstage at a recent event.
How France’s sexual harassment law took a five-week hiatus
By Heather McRobie - 13 July 11:12

The suspension of the old law created a "dangerous void".

The Olympic countdown clock in Trafalgar Square
Whose Olympics are they, anyway?
By Ruth Stokes - 13 July 10:41

Organisers aren't engaged with the needs of ordinary Londoners.

The Scales of Justice on top of the Old Bailey
Cost savings on court interpreting services are anything but
By Anna Aslanyan - 12 July 14:50

Professional interpreters are boycotting courts because of new pay arrangements.

The daft sentimentality of the British sports fan
By Sam Delaney - 12 July 12:45

Why do the British love a charismatic loser so much?

Would Boris Johnson rather be attacked by a dozen duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
By Adam Bienkov - 11 July 11:42

The London Mayor's Twitter Q&A showed the perils of engaging with voters on digital platforms without really understanding them.

Chris Brown onstage during the 2012 BET Awards in Los Angeles
Chris Brown’s smashing post-assault comeback
By Heather McRobie - 11 July 10:45

The media who are glossing over his past abuse send the message that assaulting women is little more than an inconvenience to your career.

A Philippine health worker lectures pregnant women
Family planning is a matter of social justice
By Helen Clark - 11 July 9:14

Leaders have the opportunity to unleash women's full potential.

Military schools are a terrible idea. Discipline is no substitute for education
By Willard Foxton - 10 July 18:01

As the recipient of a military education, Willard Foxton is well placed to say why Labour's latest policy is a bad idea.

Indian programme officer G. Shilpa poses with a female condom
Contraception is not a panacea
By Barbara Stocking - 10 July 14:44

The UK Government/Gates Foundation summit on family planning is a good thing, but we can't be fooled into thinking it can solve all our problems.

Mohamed Morsi
Morsi takes on Egypt's military
By Louisa Loveluck - 10 July 10:57

Was the new Egyptian president neutered before he even entered office?

UKBA can't do the most basic aspects of its job
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 07 July 14:24

The borders agency fails immigrants in ways that defy understanding.

Pinkwashing is no cause for Pride
By Aidan Rowe - 07 July 10:57

Pride has become just another chance for corporations to parade their "values"

In reality, the market is skewed against smaller players.
Social enterprises, big corporations and the NHS
By Veronika Thiel - 06 July 11:48

The devil is in the details.

Kim Kardashian
The doublethink that allows tabloids to campaign against online porn
By Martin Robbins - 06 July 9:26

A teenage rapist was excused by a judge because he had been "corrupted" by online filth. Where's the evidence?

Why is the National Trust pandering to Creationists?
By New Statesman - 05 July 16:12

A new exhibit at Giant's Causeway reflects "views outside mainstream science".

Year 10 pupils at Burlington Danes Academy in West London
Education is a public good, not a consumer good
By Martin Johnson - 05 July 12:14

Accepting market solutions for school improvement is the wrong way to go.

Frank Ocean comes out: a brave move in the exaggeratedly heterosexual world of hip hop
By Dorian Lynskey - 04 July 17:42

What it means to be the first out gay star in urban music.

Oscar Pistorius competing at the Paralympic World Cup in May 2012
Oscar Pistorius makes history as first amputee athlete selected for the Olympics
By Caroline Crampton - 04 July 14:19

The "Blade Runner" has been picked for South Africa's 4x400m team.

Blaming the "culture" is no excuse for what happened at Barclays
By Catherine Fieschi - 04 July 13:08

The dreaded "c-word" has become an excuse to say banal but unpalatable things.

To get Julian Assange to face the Swedish allegations, America should back off
By Ryan Gallagher - 03 July 13:49

If the US promises not to extradite him from Sweden, Julian Assange may be able to put an end to the saga

Egyptian presidential guards stand outside Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque.
The plight of Egypt’s forgotten Shia minority
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 03 July 11:32

Even after the historic election, this marginalised minority risk daily persecution and victimisation because of their beliefs.