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The real "poverty barons" are multinational companies
By Deborah Doane - 23 September 9:21

Foreign aid should be investigated, but in the right way

Should anti-abortion groups be allowed to protest outside clinics?
By Peter Ede - 22 September 11:13

What happens when rights collide

Syrian opposition remains fractured and weak
By Tam Hussein - 22 September 10:11

Until they get organised, more blood will flow

What should the Taoiseach say to the Pope?
By Aaron Vallely - 22 September 9:27

Enda Kenny must acknowledge the damage done by the Catholic Church to Ireland

New Statesman
Fortuyn's ghost will haunt the Netherlands for a while yet
By Roeland Termote - 21 September 15:52

Disaffected voters could start flowing back to the fringes as austerity hardens.

Sex workers chat to outreach workers at an outdoor café
Is the Commonweath ready for an Aids-free generation?
By Prasada Rao - 20 September 15:31

Last week the European Parliament agreed on a new law to provide specific assistance and protection to people who suffer crime because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or, in a first for EU law, gender expression.

Strip clubs: some battles aren't worth fighting
By John Doe - 20 September 12:44

For three years, "John Doe" went to lapdancing clubs every other month. Here, he graphically describes the experience - and argues that feminist articles on stripping often miss the mark.

A young boy holds up a sign during an anti-regime demonstration
Memories and lives destroyed by brutality in Darayya, Syria
By Zaher Shehab - 20 September 12:21

Zaher Shehab lost his mother, brother, and five other relatives in attacks on the Damascus suburb, and could only listen to their funeral on the phone.

The A & E department at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham
With hospital admissions increasing, why aren't medical staff numbers going up?
By Neel Sharma - 20 September 9:38

A case of "too many cooks spoil the broth".

New trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
By New Statesman - 19 September 18:37

What's in store? A headbutting dwarf, Martin Freeman and a waterfall, and plenty of Gandalf.

A protestor runs with a canister of tear gas near the US embassy in Cairo
Egyptian atheists and "The Innocence of Muslims"
By Patrick Galey - 19 September 15:49

Alber Saber, a blogger and student in Cairo, is accused of defaming Islam.

The Team GB women's football team
Women's sport sold down the river only a month after Olympic high
By Naomi Westland - 19 September 12:47

What should be a blockbusting qualifying fixture for England's women footballers will be played at a time and place that guarantee it will be ignored.

Michael Gove.
Fisking the Mail on Sunday's "Gove-Levels" story
By Adam Creen - 18 September 9:54

Adam Creen uncovers the inaccuracies in the paper's big education scoop.

The mother of Mohamed Bouazizi, who self-immolated in 2010, holds up his picture
The political psychology of self-immolation
By Costica Bradatan - 17 September 10:51

A simple act of protest that can take on mythical proportions.

New Statesman
Grant Morrison: Why I'm stepping away from superheroes
By Laura Sneddon - 15 September 17:08

The comics author on gay Batman, fan entitlement - and why accepting an honour from the Queen doesn't mean he's sold out.

Don't turn off the future
By Alastair Harper - 15 September 16:54

The green economy in Britain is thriving - so why are politicians so reluctant to talk about it?

An honour killing with a difference
By Julian Sayarer - 14 September 11:59

A Turkish woman takes the law into her own hands and kills the man who raped her.

In Aleppo, death comes from above and there's no knowing where it will fall
By Toby Muse - 14 September 10:29

Toby Muse reports on the horrors caused by the constant shelling he experienced in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

US ambassador to Libya killed in violence over anti-Islam film
By Lucy Provan - 12 September 15:33

The reaction to a nonsensical and offensive film has sparked protests in Bengazi and Cairo.

Games Makers waiting for Team GB on the Mall
Let's celebrate the Games Makers on the fourth plinth
By Rachael Jolley - 12 September 10:21

The anti-Paxmans in purple deserve public recognition.

Opposition activists protest against the alleged mass electoral fraud
Is Vladimir Putin's adolescent Russia ever going to grow up?
By James Rodgers - 11 September 12:32

It's now 21 years since the end of the Soviet Union, but Russia's politics are still strikingly teenage in nature.

The trouble with TED talks
By Martin Robbins - 10 September 13:33

In the cult of TED, everything is awesome and inspirational, and ideas aren’t supposed to be challenged, says Martin Robbins.

Anna Soubry is right: we must stop fudging issue of assisted dying
By James Harris - 09 September 11:18

Compassion should win the argument

Is this a turning point for Pakistan's blasphemy laws?
By Catriona Luke - 07 September 12:49

The case of Rimsha Masih could be a watershed moment in the struggle for religious toleration.

Dan Poulter appearing on BBC News
Dr Dan Poulter and the 100-hour weeks
By Pete Deveson - 07 September 11:34

Could the new health minister please clear up his statement about his hours as a junior doctor?

The new Minister for Women and Equalities, Maria Miller
Cameron has reshuffled a Tory government into power
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 05 September 11:38

Against abortion, in favour of homeopathy, indifferent to gay marriage - why didn't we get a say on these new ministers?

Naomi Wolf's "Vagina" is full of bad science about the brain
By Neuroskeptic - 05 September 9:58

Given that she's written a book about the vagina, Wolf seems to mention the brain a lot.

President Morsi shakes hands with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao
Pragmatism will rule President Morsi's new foreign policy in Egypt
By David Wearing - 04 September 9:10

The current threat to western power is not from the Muslim Brotherhood but from ongoing revolutionary dynamics in Egypt.

New Statesman
Darayya: Fear translated
By Tam Hussein - 01 September 9:05

There is a perverse logic behind the Syrian regime’s measures.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Morsi in Tehran: strategic realignment or a safe pair of hands?
By Dan Glazebrook - 31 August 17:13

For now, Egypt’s financial stability depends on keeping the US and Saudi Arabia happy.