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Solving addiction lies in empowerment, not shame
By Beth Burgess - 10 October 11:45

Brighton's Recovery Walk is an important sign that stigma about addiction isn't acceptable.

Angela Merkel in Athens: The bitter after-taste
By Yiannis Baboulias - 10 October 9:04

As protestors chanted anti-austerity slogans and clashed with riot police, the German Chancellor did nothing but look after her own electoral interests.

A woman rides a bike past a mural supporting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
Latin America’s revealing reaction to the Venezuelan election
By Alex Ward - 09 October 17:34

The Bolivarian Revolution vs. the Brazil model.

Abimael Guzman in 1992
Shining Path's resurgence has got the Peruvian government worried
By Miriam Wells - 08 October 10:57

The group's leaders won't rule out a return to violence “should the conditions present themselves”.

Cartoon: Bluelou on Jimmy Savile and the BBC
By New Statesman - 05 October 19:22

The cartoonist's take on the scandal over the late BBC presenter.

Taj Arabia Artist's Impression
Dubai reveals $1 billion plan to build Taj Mahal replica
By Alex Ward - 05 October 17:41

Dubai are at it again.

A supporter of Chavez wears a homemade mask of him
The media's misunderstanding of Venezuela
By Lee Salter - 05 October 11:18

Hugo Chavez is definitely going to lose, isn’t he?

Disabled protestors demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament about cuts to d
Who benefits from disability cuts?
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 04 October 16:11

Tax evasion, not disability benefit fraud, is the real scandal.

The source of cyber crime: our own complacency
By Alex Ward - 03 October 18:18

We should all know better.

Pavlova. Image from Flickr/AnnCN, used under Creative Commons.
Is there still a place for women’s pages in the media?
By Natalie Guest - 03 October 14:43

Not for us ladyfolk the stern black and white logic of the business pages! Not for us the brain-taxing Sudoku, with its spiky numbers and glaring empty boxes, says Natalie Guest.

The new Minister for Women and Equalities, Maria Miller.
Maria Miller’s abortion stance means she’s no friend to women
By Zoe Stavri - 03 October 14:19

Zoe Stavri argues that the women's minister's focus on reducing the abortion time limit is either misguided or disingenuous.

Breast cakes. KHRawlings/Flickr
The sinister campaign against Page 3
By Martin Robbins - 03 October 12:08

At worst, campaigners are engaging in exactly the same sort of sexual policing and censorship that The Sun does. The answer is more nudity, not less, says Martin Robbins.

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck's extraordinary open letter to Muse
By Alex Ward - 03 October 9:22

Right-winger's outburst comes straight out of left–field

The pro-coalition bias in the BBC's coverage of the NHS reforms
By Jamie Mackay - 03 October 8:26

Research shows that the BBC failed to report the objections to the legislation found in other media outlets.

Cat wearing a crown
Cute kittens can boost office productivity, says study
By Alex Ward - 02 October 15:41

Looking at LOLcats could benefit your workflow.

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls
What do the Labour Party conference, Glastonbury and sex have in common?
By Matt Forde - 02 October 9:00

They’re good to watch on TV but it’s better to be there.

New Statesman
"Hungary is being held hostage by an outdated tyrant"
By Jacob Diggle - 01 October 17:58

Viktor Orban’s government is returning the country to totalitarianism.

Children from the Roma community in Villeneuve d'Ascq, northern France
The Roma in France: "Is Hollande going to expel us all?"
By Valeria Costa-Kostritsky - 01 October 16:45

Like their classmates, Roma children in one Paris suburb are getting to grips with a new school year - but French ministers continue to play politics with their future.

Nuts magazine covers.
Why do men think it's ok to get their "Nuts" out in public?
By Caron Lindsay - 27 September 14:09

To read a lads' mag in public is to declare that women's bodies are public property.

A newspaper advertising board outside a corner shop in the Lancashire town of Ro
How the state failed to protect children in Rochdale
By Daniel Trilling - 27 September 12:48

Despite Rochdale social services being told that the girls were at risk, they did not intervene.

Student protesters march in London against cuts in November 2011.
The twilight of anti-coalition opposition
By Ray Filar - 27 September 12:10

After the raging days of resistance, the left has become quiet, resigned and accepting.

Paul Kagame
Why did Andrew Mitchell reinstate aid to Rwanda on his last day at DfID?
By Mike Hale - 27 September 8:00

The "aid success story" in Rwanda was key to detoxifying the Tory brand. Is that why Andrew Mitchell personally intervened to restore its budget, despite fears that the country is funding violent rebels in the Congo?

Newly elected Somali president Hasan Sheikh Mahmud
President of Somalia sets top three priorities: Security, security, security
By Anonymous Geographer - 25 September 12:53

All the more important as an MP from the new parliament is gunned down in a Mogadishu street.

Marine Le Pen
The stereotype of the “young violent male” on the right
By Marley Morris - 25 September 12:11

The received view does not quite match the reality of these crucial "reluctant radicals".

What happens when you swear at the police, when you're not Andrew Mitchell
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 25 September 10:43

Whether or not the Chief Whip said “plebs” is irrelevant if he is allowed to evade the rule of law applicable to the ordinary people, says Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi.

John Terry
Now John Terry has departed, the pressure is all on the FA
By Cameron Sharpe - 24 September 16:10

Muddying the waters of sport’s great taboo does no one any favours.

Great Ormond Street Hospital nurses perform during the Olympic opening ceremony.
The fall in nursing numbers is a complete disaster
By Neel Sharma - 24 September 15:40

Without swift work to rectify this problem, patient care will suffer.

Will Clare's Law really help reduce domestic violence?
By Craig Harper - 24 September 13:44

Not everyone with prior domestic violence convictions goes on to reoffend.

Death is a natural process
Death is part of our human experience
By Sally Foster-Fulton - 24 September 11:48

There are times when it is better to "let nature take its course".

Farewell to Hindenburgplatz
By James Dawson - 24 September 10:51

A referendum in a German town over a street name sparks a debate over whether ambiguous historical figures should be honoured.