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Austerity in Athens
By Kate Belgrave and Abi Ramanan - 04 November 12:24

A report from the Greek capital.

A rebel fighter rides a motorbike along a road near Aleppo
Extremist fighters are only a fraction of the rebels fighting in Syria
By Toby Muse - 01 November 13:18

Recent media coverage would have us believe Syria is now flooded with foreign extremists. On the ground, Toby Muse finds something quite different.

Topless activists of the Ukrainian women movement Femen demonstrate
France: A licence to rape?
By Valeria Costa-Kostritsky - 30 October 16:03

A lenient gang-rape verdict has prompted outcry and a debate on France's inadequate response to rape. The French media's ambivalence towards rape victims also needs to be examined.

Oksana Makar in hospital in March
The tragic case of Ukraine's Oksana Makar draws to a close
By Graham Phillips - 30 October 10:55

Pressure is on the Mykolaiv court to reach a verdict that will show progress.

A protestor and a member of the riot police in Athens
It won’t just be Greek journalists who suffer from free speech crackdown
By Yiannis Baboulias - 30 October 10:25

There is nothing pro-European about a government sworn on suppressing freedom of speech.

Syrian rebel fighters celebrate on top of a captured tank
Syria immune from being held accountable by ICC for atrocities
By Charlotte Rachael Proudman - 30 October 10:05

The International Criminal Court should act to bring Syrian officials to justice without Security Council authorisation.

UK Feminsta: voices that can't be ignored
By Ellie Cumbo - 25 October 11:46

Moving into the mainstream.

A Sunni woman mourns the death of Lebanese intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan.
Syria spill-over threatens to engulf Lebanon
By Alex Ward - 25 October 8:00

Outbreaks of sectarian violence expose Lebanon’s vulnerability to outside forces.

Members of the Greek extreme-right party Golden Dawn.
Desperate to keep the police on side, is the Greek government overlooking violent abuses?
By Yiannis Baboulias - 23 October 16:09

Golden Dawn is having a field day while MPs from other parties are assaulted.

The other Hitchens boy
By Tom Cook - 23 October 11:40

On "Mortality", journalism and Russell Brand.

The Southall Black Sisters demonstrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice.
"Intersectionality", let me Google that for you
By Ray Filar - 23 October 11:17

You don’t need an MA in Gender Studies to engage with feminist ideas, just an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Students are leading the way on international development
By James Rollett - 22 October 14:50

The Warwick International Development Summit provides a platform for the spread of innovative new ideas.

What we learned when we met Malala Yousafzai
By Geoff Brokate and Kaye Martindale - 22 October 12:23

While travelling through the Swat Valley in 2010, we interviewed the young school girl standing up to the Taliban.

Is Trenton Oldfield Our Pussy Riot?
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 21 October 11:52

Attack the elite and they won't take it lying down, writes Caroline Criado-Perez.

When the stakes are life or death
By Fran Singh - 21 October 10:30

In the same week that the Florida Supreme Court rejects the appeal of an inmate with schizophrenia, now due to be executed Monday, Texas death row lawyer David R. Dow explains why he continues to figh­t these losing battles.

Great Hall of the People
Deep internal divisions ahead of China’s leadership change
By Alex Ward - 18 October 16:10

A split between the "Red Princelings" and party technocrats threatens to derail the smooth leadership transition.

A policeman salutes the Brazilian flag atop Alemão favela
A shameful Brazilian legacy
By Alex Ward - 17 October 18:02

Why hosting the World Cup and Olympic Games is bad for Rio de Janeiro.

Why we shouldn't dismiss non-gamers when they talk about games
By Alan Williamson - 17 October 13:24

We have to get beyond the classic derision of games as a waste of time and start critically examining their role culture.

The trolls we despise are our own creation
By Tauriq Moosa - 17 October 8:49

To kill off the poisonous notions of celebrity, we have to stop giving it our attention and act civilly to each other.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
Tensions with China reveal Japanese politics to be on the rocks
By Tina Burrett - 16 October 10:56

Nationalist rhetoric won't conceal domestic political woes.

Sailors aboard the Chinese Navy destroyer Qingdao
Beware the Chinese Sea-Dragon
By Alex Ward - 15 October 17:46

Chinese bellicosity in the near seas could usher in a new era of instability.

A statue of a dragon that marks the boundary of the City of London
Time to abolish the UK's last "rotten borough" - the City of London Corporation
By John McDonnell - 15 October 14:41

One year on from the Occupy protest at St Paul's, we're no closer to reforming the dark heart of predatory capitalism.

A banner carried during a march on the International Day of Abortion in Mexico
Abortion, reason and the left: Why Mehdi Hasan is wrong
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 15 October 8:51

It's a lack of consideration of women's lives, not gender or faith, that sours the abortion debate.

Communist MP Saklatvala Shapurji holding forth at Speakers' Corner in 1933
Social media prosecutions threaten free speech in the UK - and beyond
By Benjamin Ward - 14 October 9:55

Traditions like Speakers' Corner protect free speech on the street, so why can't we do it on the internet?

Many disabled people and carers derive comfort and support from their church
Disability should not be seen as a "punishment" for abortion or anything else
By Nicky Clark - 13 October 12:00

It is obscene to degrade and stigmatise disabled people as some kind of punishment for past wrongdoing.

New Statesman
Meet Leonid Fainberg, the ultimate Ukrainian mobster
By Graham Phillips - 13 October 11:24

The man who tried to buy a Soviet submarine to transport drugs is fast becoming an internet celebrity from his prison cell in Panama.

Nina was brutalised by her rapists, and then French justice assaulted her again
By Rose George - 12 October 16:16

For six months, a pack of boys told Nina to turn up at certain times to be raped. Yesterday, the harshest sentence given to her attackers was a year in jail, and several defendants were acquitted. How is this justice?

Dortmund combats the new face of German neo-Nazism
By Alex Ward - 11 October 18:12

A new-look neo-Nazi outfit, the Autonomous Nationalists, embody the shifting complexion of Germany’s far-right.

A doctor examines a patient
Why do doctors struggle to communicate with their patients?
By Neel Sharma - 11 October 15:07

Many doctors turn their nose up at the art of communication, viewing it as potentially soft medicine.

Kate Upton
Attractive women face prejudice in the courtroom, study says
By Alex Ward - 10 October 17:32

Women charged with murdering an abusive spouse are more likely to be deemed guilty if they have blonde hair and “smooth, harmonious facial features”.