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Why is the Arab League silent about Darfur?
By Magdy el-Baghdady - 16 November 11:37

Arab and Muslim nations condemn Israel but remain mute in the face of ongoing ethnic cleansing in Sudan.

Conquering coal – A tale in two countries
By Guppi Bola and Chaitanya Kumar - 15 November 17:29

It's not just the west which is fighting investment in coal – grassroots campaigns in India are also calling for cleaner energy, write Guppi Bola and Chaitanya Kumar.

Trust, turnout and the PCC elections
By Ian Simpson - 15 November 15:47

There's a difference between apathy and lack of interest when it comes to elections.

A plume of smoke rises over Gaza during an Israeli air strike, as seen from Sder
What does Israel hope to achieve by striking Gaza?
By Rachel Shabi - 15 November 12:38

Israel says the goal is not to remove Hamas but to reassert Israel’s “deterrence” capability.

Ireland has avoided confronting its repressive laws by exporting its abortions. That must stop
By Sarah Ditum - 14 November 17:39

Savita Halappanavar should still be alive. Her death should be the galvanising moment for Ireland to reform its abortion laws, says Sarah Ditum.

The state is still failing schizophrenia sufferers
By Francis Davis - 14 November 14:04

Rethink's Schizophrenia Commission shows how a technocratic system is letting patients down.

Statutory regulation of the press will hurt free speech
By Padraig Reidy - 14 November 8:54

Self-regulation is the only way to ensure that journalist don't end up with less of a right to free expression than anyone else.

I took a married name for SEO purposes, but it's not for everyone
By Sarah Ditum - 13 November 12:54

Less sentiment, more search-optimisation - that's the way forward, says Sarah Ditum (née Webster).

Louise Mensch
For Louise Mensch, Corby was nothing more than a stepping stone
By Anmar Frangoul - 12 November 16:09

Labour are poised to take control of a constituency where voters feel duped and used by their previous MP's time in office.

If you're desperate to torture Nadine Dorries on TV, what does that say about you?
By Caron Lindsay - 12 November 10:42

Why we should feel sorry for the Conservative MP.

Neelam, a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Madhya Pradesh, India.
When Neelam started her period, she thought she was dying like her mother
By Rose George - 09 November 17:11

The subject of periods and menstruation is even more taboo for India's girls than defecation - many have no idea what is happening when the bleeding starts.

Jacob Zuma is attempting to secure re-election
Militant Tendency sends shivers through South Africa
By Martin Plaut - 09 November 10:49

The group expelled from the UK Labour Party by Neil Kinnock in 1983 has surprising echoes in a row erupting in South Africa's ANC.

An apple
Shades of Anorexia: it is a mental illness, not a statement
By Lucy Britton - 08 November 16:24

An eating disorder made Lucy Britton "want to disappear". Here, she responds to Rachel Cusk's article on the "anorexic statement".

Chris Grayling at the Conservative Party conference
“Two Strikes and You’re Out”: Shouldn’t we be more proactive about criminal justice?
By Craig Harper - 08 November 15:53

Our political system is fixated on punishing ex-prisoners after they have reoffended, as opposed to trying to get things right in the first place.

New Statesman
Finding female experts - doing the BBC's job for them
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 05 November 9:05

Women are underrepresented on the airwaves. Broadcasters say they can’t find female experts. The founders of "The Women's Room", a new index of female talking heads, say they're just not looking hard enough.

Austerity in Athens
By Kate Belgrave and Abi Ramanan - 04 November 12:24

A report from the Greek capital.

A rebel fighter rides a motorbike along a road near Aleppo
Extremist fighters are only a fraction of the rebels fighting in Syria
By Toby Muse - 01 November 13:18

Recent media coverage would have us believe Syria is now flooded with foreign extremists. On the ground, Toby Muse finds something quite different.

Topless activists of the Ukrainian women movement Femen demonstrate
France: A licence to rape?
By Valeria Costa-Kostritsky - 30 October 16:03

A lenient gang-rape verdict has prompted outcry and a debate on France's inadequate response to rape. The French media's ambivalence towards rape victims also needs to be examined.

Oksana Makar in hospital in March
The tragic case of Ukraine's Oksana Makar draws to a close
By Graham Phillips - 30 October 10:55

Pressure is on the Mykolaiv court to reach a verdict that will show progress.

A protestor and a member of the riot police in Athens
It won’t just be Greek journalists who suffer from free speech crackdown
By Yiannis Baboulias - 30 October 10:25

There is nothing pro-European about a government sworn on suppressing freedom of speech.

Syrian rebel fighters celebrate on top of a captured tank
Syria immune from being held accountable by ICC for atrocities
By Charlotte Rachael Proudman - 30 October 10:05

The International Criminal Court should act to bring Syrian officials to justice without Security Council authorisation.

UK Feminsta: voices that can't be ignored
By Ellie Cumbo - 25 October 11:46

Moving into the mainstream.

A Sunni woman mourns the death of Lebanese intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan.
Syria spill-over threatens to engulf Lebanon
By Alex Ward - 25 October 8:00

Outbreaks of sectarian violence expose Lebanon’s vulnerability to outside forces.

Members of the Greek extreme-right party Golden Dawn.
Desperate to keep the police on side, is the Greek government overlooking violent abuses?
By Yiannis Baboulias - 23 October 16:09

Golden Dawn is having a field day while MPs from other parties are assaulted.

The other Hitchens boy
By Tom Cook - 23 October 11:40

On "Mortality", journalism and Russell Brand.

The Southall Black Sisters demonstrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice.
"Intersectionality", let me Google that for you
By Ray Filar - 23 October 11:17

You don’t need an MA in Gender Studies to engage with feminist ideas, just an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Students are leading the way on international development
By James Rollett - 22 October 14:50

The Warwick International Development Summit provides a platform for the spread of innovative new ideas.

What we learned when we met Malala Yousafzai
By Geoff Brokate and Kaye Martindale - 22 October 12:23

While travelling through the Swat Valley in 2010, we interviewed the young school girl standing up to the Taliban.

Is Trenton Oldfield Our Pussy Riot?
By Caroline Criado-Perez - 21 October 11:52

Attack the elite and they won't take it lying down, writes Caroline Criado-Perez.

When the stakes are life or death
By Fran Singh - 21 October 10:30

In the same week that the Florida Supreme Court rejects the appeal of an inmate with schizophrenia, now due to be executed Monday, Texas death row lawyer David R. Dow explains why he continues to figh­t these losing battles.