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Ideology beats the facts as Gove pushes performance-related pay
By Hannah Meltzer - 12 December 15:35

The government’s plans to scrap the national salary scheme for teachers is nothing more than a thinly-veiled cost-cutting scheme.

Bondage by Ater Crudus on Flickr, via Creative Commons
The Sun loves Page 3, but it can't stand women on top
By Nichi Hodgson - 12 December 14:16

Former dominatrix Nichi Hodgson was stunned to discover that the pictures that accompanied her article on how to safely spank a man were deemed officially "too racy" for the paper that proudly prints Page 3.

New Statesman
I'd Rather You'd Quit Partying Than Raped People
By Ropes to Infinity - 11 December 14:06

A response to an article by a rapist in the Good Men Project.

Australian DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian.
We’re all complicit in the humour of humiliation
By Nicky Clark - 11 December 9:42

You can’t condemn the Australian DJs who prank called the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospital if you laughed at the results.

Gao Zhisheng with his son.
NS Christmas campaign: Show your support for Gao Zhisheng
By Eulette Ewart - 10 December 13:37

The distinguished lawyer is at risk of torture.

Trying out a new eBook reader app on an iPad.
The perils of a "use now, pay later" approach to intellectual property
By Andy Williams - 10 December 12:55

Andy Williams, Managing Director of ITN’s licensing arm, makes his argument for a robust and fair copyright framework.

A screenshot from Anita Sarkeesian's original Kickstarter video.
Why should Anita Sarkeesian have to work for free in return for misogynistic abuse?
By Paul Casey - 10 December 11:31

The reaction to Anita Sarkeesian's Kickstarter project is one of staggering hypocrisy.

A protest against honour killings in Lahore (Getty Images)
Why does a man murder his wife?
By Heather Harvey - 07 December 16:25

From "honour killing" to "family annihilation", the underlying causes are often the same

Climate change: what are world leaders waiting for?
By Bianca Jagger - 07 December 13:04

The effects of climate change can already be seen in extreme weather events across the world, says Bianca Jagger. Here's how to make your contribution to the fight against it.

New Statesman
We need to volunteer, but we need to do it right
By Mark Topley - 06 December 13:41

There's no room for knee-jerk reactions, writes NGO boss Mark Topley.

The Stanserhorn mountain in Central Switzerland.
India’s strange addiction to Switzerland
By Ritwik Deo - 05 December 9:36

A love story based on scenery, souvenir T-shirts, watches and hope.

Free Pussy Riot protestors approaching the Russian Embassy in London
The New Statesman Christmas campaign
By Caroline Crampton - 04 December 14:28

We're supporting Amnesty's Write for Rights campaign.

Protestors shackled outside the Russian Embassy in London
NS Christmas campaign: Show your solidarity for Pussy Riot
By Eulette Ewart - 04 December 14:12

The New Statesman is supporting Amnesty's Write for Rights Campaign.

A prison officer stands outside Winson Green Prison, Birmingham
Fathers in prison need support too
By Cat McShane - 04 December 11:39

Keeping dads connected to their children during their sentence gives them purpose.

Why Kelvin MacKenzie is wrong to diss the north
By Charlie Hallam - 03 December 15:59

There's so much wrong with Kelvin MacKenzie's idea for a "Southern Party" that it's hard to know where to start.

President Jacob Zuma delivers a speech at the Parliament in Cape Town
Can South Africa's ruling party overcome its reputation for corruption, nepotism and violence?
By Martin Plaut - 03 December 14:51

Ahead of the ANC conference, where the country's next president will likely be anointed, Martin Plaut examines the internal divisions plaguing the party.

Michael Gove.
Why is Whirlwind Gove acting so fast?
By David Harris - 03 December 12:20

By dismantling educational infrastructure at such a speed, Gove is ensuring that his successors as Education Secretary will struggle to reverse what he's done.

A porter at Lewisham hospital in 1981. (Getty.)
Where did the hysteria over the Liverpool Care Pathway originate?
By Kate Granger - 01 December 12:17

We need to talk openly about dying.

New Statesman
Lifting the veil in Turkey
By Raziye Akkoc - 30 November 15:50

Turkey's prime minister Recep Erdogan announced this week that the headscarf ban will be partially lifted.

HIV positive women make red ribbons
More than a prayer: Faith communities’ response to sexual violence
By Rowan Williams and Michel Sidib - 30 November 15:13

A dialogue between Archbishop Rowan Williams and Michel Sidibé of UNAIDS for World Aids Day.

The Leveson report
Leveson's purpose is to give ordinary victims fair redress against the media
By Martin Moore - 30 November 14:46

Beyond the celebrities and politicians, there are ordinary people who often find themselves in the glare of the media through no fault of their own.

Veiled women carrying their ID demonstrating in Paris in January 2004
France and the veil – the dark side of the law
By Valeria Costa-Kostritsky - 30 November 11:16

French anti-veil laws are steeped in racism and have opened the door to abuse against Muslims.

Hitman: Absolution shows you can't just be a good new game with a revered old name
By Phil Hartup - 29 November 16:00

The fans of these old games are older now too, and they expect to find something of what they liked about the franchise in the first place.

Jenny Hicks and Margaret Aspinall, members of the Hillsborough Family Support Gr
After Leveson, we must ensure the voices of victims are never drowned out again
By Zoe Margolis - 29 November 11:17

No industry should be so unaccountable that it can ride rough shod over people’s lives.

Israel football player Yossi Benayoun playing for West Ham
When Spurs fans celebrate being the "Yid Army", are they giving racists ammunition?
By David Rosenberg - 28 November 16:17

There's no excuse for anti-Semitic abuse in football, says David Rosenberg, but can offensive slurs ever be reclaimed?

A chai-wallah makes a brew in the Jari Mari slum, next to Mumbai Airport
Things are different in India: Starbucks vs the chai-wallah
By Ritwik Deo - 28 November 10:17

How could something so bland and corporate ever compete with the muzzein-like call of the friendly chai-wallah?

A UN peacekeeper stands on the roadside in the east of the Congo
In the Congo, United Nations peacekeepers stood and watched as Goma fell to rebel forces
By Martin Plaut - 27 November 11:24

Without US support, UN peacekeepers played a passive role.

A worker holds cotton at a cotton factory
Why are Indian farmers committing suicide over their debts?
By Leah Borromeo - 27 November 9:31

Cotton farming has such narrow margins that finding cash to hold a family together can prove too much.

David Dimbleby, host of Question Time
Is there bias on BBC Question Time?
By Phil Burton-Cartledge - 26 November 17:04

Phil Burton-Cartledge has crunched the numbers on the political persuasions of the guests on the BBC's flagship politics programme.

Climate change protestors in St Andrews
Should scientists be bolder in public?
By Alice Bell - 26 November 15:45

Is it the role of science to be brave and pick a side, or just to ask the searching questions?