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New Statesman
Why is there such a lack of ethnic minority journalists?
By Kaamil Ahmed - 14 January 15:51

Getting ethnic minorities through the door in the media in the first place is not the only problem.

Children are often far better at dealing with transness than adults
How a trans teacher showed adults have more hang-ups about gender than primary school kids
By Jane Fae - 14 January 9:36

Writing for NS Trans Issues Week, Jane Fae explains why the "think of the children" reaction to transness is just a technique for concealing overt prejudice.

New Statesman
Are Delhi lawyers jeopardising justice?
By Catriona Harvey-Jenner - 14 January 9:29

The Lawyers Association's refusal to defend the men accused of the Delhi gang rape might be one step too far.

The Savile case shows what happens when a celebrity becomes untouchable
By Paul Donovan - 11 January 16:36

An unhealthy type of Faustian pact has developed between the media and the celebrity class.

As the #transdocfail hashtag showed, many trans people are afraid of their doctors
By Charlie Hallam - 09 January 8:48

Trans patients should not have to please medical staff before they can access treatment, writes Charlie Hallam.

Seeing red: the power of female anger
By Suzanne Moore - 08 January 9:51

Every statistic available shows that women and children are being hit hardest by this recession. Outbursts of fury, politicised and scalpel sharp, are everywhere we look, says Suzanne Moore.

Britain's own war on women
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 07 January 16:04

Since 2010, women - old, young, rich, poor - have received blow after blow to their economic independence and social wellbeing.

The storm over Suarez's handball is a simple case of double standards
By Cameron Sharpe - 07 January 16:02

Those defending and condemning the Liverpool striker cannot have it all ways.

Microfinance shouldn't do the government's job
By Carl Packman - 07 January 14:05

It is a requirement of civil society that government obviate the need for payday lenders, writes Carl Packman.

Rejoice! John Redwood has discovered the root cause of poverty
By Sarah Ditum - 07 January 13:55

Tory MP's comments on gambling show why casting poverty as the result of individual spiritual failure is seductive - because it gets the government off the hook.

A screen shot from Grand Theft Auto V.
If we deplore racism and sexism in videogames, how can we defend violence?
By Phil Hartup - 07 January 13:43

A culture of violence is something that normalises violence and makes it acceptable. Games don’t do that because they don’t feature real violence or anything that feels like it, argues Phil Hartup.

Balls's job guarantee is a left-wing idea wrapped in right-wing rhetoric
By Hannah Meltzer - 04 January 15:29

Labour's 'tough' message risks encouraging the belief that benefit claimants seek to avoid work.

The website for
Why is the Daily Mail promoting a site that appears to be little more than an escort agency?
By Michael Marshall - 04 January 14:45

As the Daily Mail celebrates success in their online porn campaign, Michael Marshall explores the PR influence behind their headlines.

I try to tell myself: I am a human being. My existence is worthwhile
By Frances Ryan - 04 January 12:05

Intrusive questions about your health. The fear and uncertainty of a claim being rejected. Trying to make ends meet through bureaucratic delays. What is life really like for those who claim disability benefits?

Mukhtar Mai and her son. She has campaigned tirelessly for her rapists’ arrest.
Does the death penalty afford meaningful redress in rape cases?
By Aisha Gill - 04 January 10:49

Tackling rape requires change, not retribution. Why the death penalty doesn't help rape victims.

Alex Ferguson shouts at assistant referee Jake Collin
Alex Ferguson’s latest display of petulance threatens to tarnish a formidable legacy
By Cameron Sharpe - 02 January 12:44

The FA’s failure to punish the biggest child in the playground makes a mockery of "Respect" campaigns.

Will the protests against the Delhi gang rape reach rural India?
By Priya Virmani - 31 December 11:46

In the backwaters of India, in rural areas still governed by feudal mindsets, rapes and gang rapes continue with impunity. The candle flame wave being carried through Delhi’s foggy, winter nights is not reaching this India.

Syrian activist Anas al-Shogre hasn't been seen since May 2011.
NS Christmas campaign: Show your support for Anas al-Shogre
By Eulette Ewart - 24 December 9:52

The Syrian activist disappeared in May 2011 and hasn't been seen since.

"If you can have gay Tories, it’s extraordinary you can’t have a gay footballer”
By Anmar Frangoul - 23 December 8:33

How close is football to tackling its historic problem with homophobia?

How would you feel about having a mental health centre on your street?
Stigma in crisis: mental health, fear-mongering and murder
By Philippa Willitts - 20 December 14:44

Opposition to having a charity-run mental health crisis centre in your street is both very telling and depressingly predictable.

Actress Megan Fox
In defence of Megan Fox
By Louise Pennington - 20 December 10:28

Hiring a night nurse doesn’t make Megan Fox neglectful of her child – she’s just a woman trying to survive in the patriarchy like the rest of us.

Russian opposition supporters shout during a rally in central Moscow on 5 Decemb
The danger of “business as usual” with Moscow
By Tanya Lokshina - 20 December 10:01

Human rights researcher Tanya Lokshina tells how she was blackmailed over her pregnancy.

New Statesman
There's no such thing as a Twitter Elite
By Stuart Houghton - 18 December 16:37

Rather than ranting that people aren't replying to you on Twitter, try being friendly and/or interesting (just like in real life).

A 100 hours of solitude
By David Varela - 17 December 15:05

An epic writing challenge in aid of promoting access to writing for everyone.

Standing in opposition to the dominance of privilege
By Zoe Stavri - 17 December 14:23

Being aware of one’s own privilege doesn't detract from the struggle - working to ameliorate its effects can only enhance what we are trying to achieve.

New Statesman
NS Christmas campaign: Show your solidarity for Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman
By Eulette Ewart - 17 December 12:42

The Egyptian activist was beaten by soldiers as she tried to come to a woman's aid during last year's protests in Tahrir Square.

David Cameron has a top hat placed on his head by morris dancer
The problem with privilege-checking
By Tom Midlane - 17 December 11:47

While we're concerned with our own potential prejudices, we're not fighting back against the Coalition.

Juan Manuel Marquez lands a blow for the nearly men of sporting history
By Cameron Sharpe - 16 December 16:29

The Mexican boxer’s dogged refusal to accept defeat resulted in the most glorious of pay-offs.

New media cracks Eritrea’s iron curtain
By Martin Plaut - 15 December 14:42

Isolated in exile, young Eritreans have developed new forms of resistance.

The coalition's support for fracking is based on ideology, not evidence
By Lawrence Carter - 13 December 15:40

The government's dash for gas will increase energy bills, not reduce them.