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Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions
Keir Starmer's report on rape allegations tells us more about their nature than their number
By Ally Fogg - 14 March 11:46

The CPS review of false rape allegations doesn't offer any clear answers.

Bedroom tax: pushing those “getting by” over the edge
By Frances Ryan - 13 March 10:40

Despite the concessions made by Iain Duncan Smith yesterday, the bedroom tax will still hit thousands of disabled children and adults, and those fleeing domestic abuse, argues Frances Ryan as she speaks to some of the families affected.

New Statesman
So… Why does the Daily Express hate the EU?
By Scott Bryan - 13 March 9:05

The <em>Daily Express</em> doesn’t like The EU.

Why is Douglas Murray smearing me to distract from this damning UN report on Israel in Gaza?
By Owen Jones - 12 March 12:01

Owen Jones made the same error as the Telegraph, Mail, Haaretz, Guardian, Sun, Washington Post, Human Rights Watch and Spectator. If Douglas Murray wants that to be addressed, he also knows that Israel could be guilty of committing war crimes. So why the

Should feminists lay off Rihanna?
By Sarah Ditum - 11 March 10:20

The pop star gets criticised for her hypersexual persona - and for returning to the man who abused her. But before you attack her choices, work out what you'd do if someone you actually knew was making the same mistakes.

That's what she said: the experiences of women in "lad culture"
By Kelley Temple - 08 March 14:55

We have all been complicit in this everyday sexism, and now it's time we all changed.

Feminist activists protest at Parliament Square for women's rights
Ten ways to survive as a woman on the left
By Rosie Rogers - 08 March 12:32

We’re supposed to be the good guys, so let’s get it right on gender equality.

Young, behind bars and in peril in Yemen
By Belkis Wille - 07 March 14:40

“Nothing is worse than life in a Yemeni prison.”

Why are some university debating societies havens of misogyny?
By Willard Foxton - 07 March 14:31

The heckling experienced by female debaters at Glasgow University Union is an unwelcome reminder of a previous age where personal insults were fair game. And anyone who disagrees is a dickless baboon.

What can be done about the BBC’s raw deal for migrants?
By Martin Plaut - 07 March 14:11

Welsh and Scottish Gaelic have their own language broadcasts as well as the English output, but communities like British Somalis receive nothing, despite paying the same license fee.

Crufts: Making dogs suffer for "beauty"
By Mimi Bekhechi - 06 March 14:21

Competitions like Crufts encourage breeders to manipulate dogs' bodies as if they were modelling clay. Even dogs who will never set foot in a show ring suffer because of it.

A cottage. Flickr/markhillary
Leaving a home for a home
By Simon Parkin - 06 March 9:57

When Simon Parkin's grandfather moved into a nursing home, his grandmother was left alone in her cold house. Who has it worse, he wonders?

Intervention on FGM is complicated
The problem of female genital mutilation in Britain
By Sophie McBain - 06 March 9:23

Campaigners are worried that cuts will mean organisations working with women and children will close down.

Segregation and echoes of apartheid: Israel launches Palestinian-only buses
By Rachel Shabi - 05 March 8:41

Separation and discrimination is a numbing fact of life for Palestinians in the West Bank.

In Bahrain, British diplomacy is an insult to real democrats
By David Wearing - 04 March 16:31

Without taking definite steps to promote democracy in Bahrain, Britain will, to all intents and purposes, have sided with the oppressor.

The Rain Room exhibition at the Barbican.
Britain's peculiar fascination with the weather
By Rosalind Goates - 02 March 14:36

The Barbican's Rain Room exhibition is a reminder of how the weather defines our nation’s character.

Myfyrdod adeg Gŵyl Ddewi
By Olivia Williams - 01 March 8:19

Heddiw o bob diwrnod, dylem ddathlu mor wyrthiol ydyw ein bod ni yng Nghymru, er i ni gael ein concro yn y drydedd ganrif ar ddeg, a byw yng nghysgod un o brif ieithoedd cyffredin y byd, eto’n medru siarad ein hiaith ein hun.

Not Rod Liddle.
Rod Liddle and friends, a word in your ear about harassment
By Ally Fogg - 28 February 15:28

There's a difference between flirting over the photocopier and being a groper. So even if you think you're Don Draper, you might be Uncle Monty.

Greek pensioners demonstrate outside the Labour Ministry in Athens
Greek government makes extraordinary and undemocratic attacks on free speech
By Yiannis Baboulias - 27 February 13:50

While no one is looking, the Greek government goes on a rampage.

A woman walks passed an electoral information banner at a polling station
Italy’s elections and the European “misunderstanding”
By Andrea Mammone - 27 February 8:40

Does the political return of Berlusconi represent a realistic danger for Western democracy?

Julian Assange addressing members of the media and supporters
My film doesn't "abuse" Julian Assange. But in a story about Wikileaks, facts matter
By Alex Gibney - 26 February 9:59

A response to John Pilger from Alex Gibney, director of "We Steal Secrets: the Story of WikiLeaks".

We have a problem with a lack of women following STEM careers.
Since when were science toys just for boys?
By Tricia Lowther - 26 February 8:56

Every time a girl sees a shelf of science-related toys under a sign that says "boys", she is being told that the world thinks science is not for her.

Greece: "A promise from the army has been obtained to not intervene against a civil uprising"
By Leigh Phillips - 24 February 12:01

Explosive revelations from a former Greek diplomat.

New Statesman
Pistorius granted bail, but when are the rich a flight risk?
By Sophie McBain - 23 February 12:32

It's easier for a millionaire to disappear than anyone else, but it still isn't a walk in the park.

Are the police institutionally transphobic?
By Jane Fae - 23 February 11:55

After the violent arrest of a trans woman in Soho, Jane Fae looks at the police's interactions with the trans community.

The impossible injustice of Talha Ahsan’s extradition and detention
By Ian Patel - 21 February 14:53

Talha Ahsan was extradited to the US in 2012 after spending six years in high security prisons in the UK. Like Gary McKinnon, he has Asperger Syndrome, and is now in a supermax prison in Connecticut. Ian Patel explains how this was able to happen.

Ken Levine: “We had to kiss a lot of frogs before we found our prince”
By Bulent Yusuf - 21 February 14:02

The creative director of <em>Bioshock Infinite</em> talks to Bulent Yusuf about the new game, storytelling and unintended consequences.

Is the ANC's dominance ending?
By Tim Wigmore - 20 February 11:49

The creation of a new political party in South Africa is the latest sign of the ANC's problems.

The McDonalds sim and September 12: what does it mean for a videogame to be political?
By John Brindle - 19 February 10:00

Some games try to be explicitly political, while others tap into contemporary moral debates. But how much of a moral message can pixels carry?