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Not Rod Liddle.
Rod Liddle and friends, a word in your ear about harassment
By Ally Fogg - 28 February 15:28

There's a difference between flirting over the photocopier and being a groper. So even if you think you're Don Draper, you might be Uncle Monty.

Greek pensioners demonstrate outside the Labour Ministry in Athens
Greek government makes extraordinary and undemocratic attacks on free speech
By Yiannis Baboulias - 27 February 13:50

While no one is looking, the Greek government goes on a rampage.

A woman walks passed an electoral information banner at a polling station
Italy’s elections and the European “misunderstanding”
By Andrea Mammone - 27 February 8:40

Does the political return of Berlusconi represent a realistic danger for Western democracy?

Julian Assange addressing members of the media and supporters
My film doesn't "abuse" Julian Assange. But in a story about Wikileaks, facts matter
By Alex Gibney - 26 February 9:59

A response to John Pilger from Alex Gibney, director of "We Steal Secrets: the Story of WikiLeaks".

We have a problem with a lack of women following STEM careers.
Since when were science toys just for boys?
By Tricia Lowther - 26 February 8:56

Every time a girl sees a shelf of science-related toys under a sign that says "boys", she is being told that the world thinks science is not for her.

Greece: "A promise from the army has been obtained to not intervene against a civil uprising"
By Leigh Phillips - 24 February 12:01

Explosive revelations from a former Greek diplomat.

New Statesman
Pistorius granted bail, but when are the rich a flight risk?
By Sophie McBain - 23 February 12:32

It's easier for a millionaire to disappear than anyone else, but it still isn't a walk in the park.

Are the police institutionally transphobic?
By Jane Fae - 23 February 11:55

After the violent arrest of a trans woman in Soho, Jane Fae looks at the police's interactions with the trans community.

The impossible injustice of Talha Ahsan’s extradition and detention
By Ian Patel - 21 February 14:53

Talha Ahsan was extradited to the US in 2012 after spending six years in high security prisons in the UK. Like Gary McKinnon, he has Asperger Syndrome, and is now in a supermax prison in Connecticut. Ian Patel explains how this was able to happen.

Ken Levine: “We had to kiss a lot of frogs before we found our prince”
By Bulent Yusuf - 21 February 14:02

The creative director of <em>Bioshock Infinite</em> talks to Bulent Yusuf about the new game, storytelling and unintended consequences.

Is the ANC's dominance ending?
By Tim Wigmore - 20 February 11:49

The creation of a new political party in South Africa is the latest sign of the ANC's problems.

The McDonalds sim and September 12: what does it mean for a videogame to be political?
By John Brindle - 19 February 10:00

Some games try to be explicitly political, while others tap into contemporary moral debates. But how much of a moral message can pixels carry?

Hilary Mantel. Portrait by Leonie Hampton for the New Statesman
Hilary Mantel's precise, unkind words have been twisted into a "venomous" attack on Kate
By Sarah Ditum - 19 February 8:48

If it's Team Mantel or Team Middleton, Sarah Ditum knows which side she's on...

Australian newspapers lead their front pages in Australia
How the Israeli press beat the censor to bring "Prisoner X" to their public
By Camilla Schick - 15 February 15:33

Gagging orders, media censorship and the public interest.

Will TV debates bring Kenya peace?
By Tim Wigmore - 13 February 16:10

Election debates in Kenya may help prevent the horrors of the last election.

The smart fork and the crowding out of thought
By Matthew Flinders - 12 February 11:12

The launch of a new device that seeks to "nudge" us towards healthier eating just emphasises how reluctant our politicians are to tackle the problem of obesity head-on.

Cocaine – the South Africa connection
By Martin Plaut - 12 February 10:37

South Africa has become a major transit-point for the drugs trade, some of which is destined for Britain.

Five Stories: the harsh realities of the Government's "bedroom tax"
By Frances Ryan - 12 February 10:05

Almost two-thirds of households affected by the "bedroom tax" have a disability. Frances Ryan talks to five people who will face debt, discomfort and even homelessness once the bedroom tax is implemented.

Nobody Remembers Their First Kill: the importance of video game violence
By Simon Parkin - 12 February 9:50

Violence isn't unique to cinema or games - they're just the latest recruit to the aftermath blame tradition.

What we'll mostly miss about Pope Benedict XVI is . . . his hats
By Martha Gill - 11 February 12:17

For an octogenarian, he has an amazingly catholic taste in headwear.

New Statesman
The Mid-Staffordshire inquiry: where there’s a political will, there’s a way
By Phil McCarvill - 10 February 11:44

There are interesting parallels between the Francis report and the Macpherson inquiry report into the death of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

A before and after montage of the photos released by the Greek police of one of
A disastrous and unconvincing case of brutality and mismanagement by the Greek police
By Yiannis Baboulias - 09 February 13:56

Conflicting stories and doctored photographs reveal clumsy attempts by the Greek police to conceal the degree of force used during and after the arrest of four anarchists.

New Statesman
Labour councils are the light at the end of this long, dark economic tunnel
By David Sparks - 08 February 16:11

The party's councils are filling the vacuum left by government inaction.

Andrew Brons with Nick Griffin in 2009
Neo-Nazi former BNP members launch new far-right party
By Matthew Collins - 08 February 9:51

They hope the new British Democratic Party will kill off the BNP, while security for the launch meeting will be provided by EDL activists.

New Statesman
Islamists tasked with drugs crackdown in Tripoli
By Lucy Provan and Rhiannon Smith - 07 February 14:13

What now for the rule of law in Libya?

"Is my dog gay?" Well, how could you even tell?
By Jane Fae - 04 February 12:40

Jane Fae ponders the lessons a gay dog from Tennessee can teach us all about human sexuality.

Collymore's twitter rant about "football snobbery" was misplaced
By Cameron Sharpe - 03 February 10:52

The gulf between critic and fan.

New Statesman
Is marriage really better than any other type of relationship?
By Josie Cluer - 03 February 9:39

Tax-breaks would send a clear signal.

New Statesman
In search of the lost generation
By Lewis G. Parker - 02 February 11:01

Voting Lib Dem, burning effigies, being systematically ignored.

New Statesman
EU leaders should not fear a 'Turkish invasion of Europe'
By Ibrahim Sirkeci - 01 February 15:17

Just 13 per cent of Turkey’s adult population expressed a desire to migrate, lower than many other countries.