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A protestor holds up a sign calling for the release of Shaker Aamer
Shaker Aamer: "I’m a bit of a professional hunger striker, I’ve done it so often"
By Shaker Aamer - 05 April 11:58

A Guantánamo inmate since 2002, Shaker Aamer explains why he's joined the other detainees in a hunger strike.

The Philpott case shows us that the welfare state is our better self
By Sarah Ditum - 05 April 10:17

We can't simply rely on the kindness of strangers. The welfare state is there to help the people we are too flaky or prudish to reach out to.

Mandela, Queen Elizabeth and Handel’s Messiah
By Martin Plaut - 04 April 9:48

There is no doubt that the reaction to Mandela's death will reflect his values of reconciliation, understanding and harmony.

New Statesman
Are schools really expelling 15 "sex bullies" a day?
By Ally Fogg - 02 April 13:47

It is entirely reasonable for parents to worry about the influence of a sexualised culture on their kids, but there's a lot more to these statistics than the Mail's "moral calamity" reporting suggests.

Are black feminists too defensive about violence in our communities?
By Rahila Gupta - 01 April 11:00

The desire to avoid the racism that characterises some debates about rape and FGM abroad can lead us to make untenable comparisons with Britain, argues Rahila Gupta.

Feminists: beware ‘the decoy effect’
By Dalia Ben-Galim - 31 March 11:55

The success of a few outlying women does not mean that the struggle is over.

Postgraduate funding is an inequitable mess and we urgently need to fix it
By William Lord - 30 March 11:57

The current system of financing means that many people who are not from wealthy families are simply priced out.

Without the UK Border Agency, what will happen to those seeking sanctuary on our shores?
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 28 March 12:37

Restructuring the UKBA will not confront its fundamental problems.

Where do disabled people fit into George Osborne's "aspiration nation"?
By Richard Hawkes - 28 March 8:59

From 1 April, six different cuts to support started affecting disabled people. The result will be disabled people losing their independence, struggling to heat their homes and forced to withdraw from communities. What part can they play under such conditi

Pigeons should not have to pay with their lives for our entertainment
By Reg Pycroft - 27 March 16:46

Many racing pigeons don't even make it to a year old. We must end this cruel sport, argues Reg Pycroft.

Massacre in Meiktila: That was my friend
By Assed Baig - 27 March 15:48

More deaths are likely in Burma in the coming weeks as anti-Muslim violence intensifies.

"Why not just wear a burqa": Experiences of ethnic minority women writing online
By Asiya Islam - 27 March 13:14

Five ethnic minority writers share their experiences with Asiya Islam.

Paralympians speak out about disability benefit cuts
By Frances Ryan - 25 March 12:02

Several British medallists could lose much-needed financial support when Iain Duncan Smith's Personal Independence Payment replaces Disability Living Allowance on 8 April.

What lies behind the monstering of trans people in the press?
By Hannah Buchanan - 23 March 11:15

We have to get to a place where the trans population are not pantomime but people.

Banning the anti-gay bus advert is wrong. Free speech trumps offensiveness
By Peter Tatchell - 22 March 15:38

In a free society there is no right to not be offended, and the right to free speech extends to those with whom we disagree, too.

Look around you - who else is in the room?
Don’t like the Mean Girls’ table? Check out the rest of the room
By CN Lester - 22 March 13:33

Chances are you won’t be welcome in the world of online feminism? It depends on which part of the world you’re visiting – and what kind of attitude you bring with you.

How the press has failed to represent the public mood over Leveson
By Gordon Ramsay - 21 March 17:12

Where the Sun leads, the public follow? Not quite…

A punishing budget: but the government prepares to spend £100bn on nuclear weapons
By Bruce Kent - 21 March 13:42

Nuclear weapons provide the illusion of security not the reality.

Not everyone is allowed to sit at the Mean Girls' table for lunch.
There’s no point in online feminism if it’s an exclusive, Mean Girls club
By Sadie Smith - 21 March 12:38

Ever tried to engage with feminist discussion on the internet? Chances are, you won’t be welcome.

An Open Letter to Justin Welby from Peter Tatchell
By Peter Tatchell - 21 March 9:02

On the occasion of his enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Khuram Shaik, who died in an attack in Sri Lanka on Christmas Day 2011.
The Rochdale Red Cross worker who continues to haunt Sri Lanka
By Simon Danczuk - 19 March 9:08

Travelling to Sri Lanka to try and find out about his constituent's murder, Simon Danczuk learned that when politicians are implicated, justice is kicked into the long grass.

“It’s the occupation, stupid”: what went wrong in Iraq
By James Rodgers - 19 March 8:49

Ten years on, James Rodgers reflects on the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

New Statesman
Bloody Tories: the shrinking realm of public discourse
By Preston Byrne - 18 March 12:54

The conviction of Bethan Tichborne begs the question: has Britain outlawed the truth?

Joey Skaggs: novelty silliness and well-packaged rebellion
By Josh Lowe - 18 March 12:02

Josh Lowe meets Joey Skaggs,the man who prides himself on being able to prank the media over and over again.

The curious case of Bernard Hopkins
By Cameron Sharpe - 17 March 10:20

The 48-year-old boxer’s world title win is a triumph for longevity but a death knell for the last link to sport’s last golden age.

Was the Falklands referendum the most unanimous election ever?
By James Dawson - 15 March 12:02

Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein and the Assads have all flirted with the 99 per cent electoral margin.

Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions
Keir Starmer's report on rape allegations tells us more about their nature than their number
By Ally Fogg - 14 March 11:46

The CPS review of false rape allegations doesn't offer any clear answers.

Bedroom tax: pushing those “getting by” over the edge
By Frances Ryan - 13 March 10:40

Despite the concessions made by Iain Duncan Smith yesterday, the bedroom tax will still hit thousands of disabled children and adults, and those fleeing domestic abuse, argues Frances Ryan as she speaks to some of the families affected.

New Statesman
So… Why does the Daily Express hate the EU?
By Scott Bryan - 13 March 9:05

The <em>Daily Express</em> doesn’t like The EU.

Why is Douglas Murray smearing me to distract from this damning UN report on Israel in Gaza?
By Owen Jones - 12 March 12:01

Owen Jones made the same error as the Telegraph, Mail, Haaretz, Guardian, Sun, Washington Post, Human Rights Watch and Spectator. If Douglas Murray wants that to be addressed, he also knows that Israel could be guilty of committing war crimes. So why the