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A make or break moment for Egypt's President Morsi
By Bel Trew - 26 June 13:23

The first anniversary of the president's inauguration is expected to spark nationwide protests. The grassroots campaign Tamarod aims to secure enough signatures to a vote-of-no-confidence petition to outweigh the 13 million votes that brought Morsi into p

The final Page 3 News in Briefs.
Good riddance to News in Briefs, the nastiest part of Page 3
By Sarah Ditum - 26 June 9:48

The Sun has ditched its "joke" that attractive, topless women can't possibly have opinions on politics.

Refusing Trenton Oldfield leave to remain is vindictive and baseless
By Lyndon Harris - 25 June 14:22

The man who disrupted the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race last year has been refused a visa. At best this is a woefully inconsistent application of policy, and at worst a vengeful, vindictive and juvenile act.

The New College of the Humanities: Would you pay double university fees for a better education?
By Tabatha Leggett - 25 June 10:38

Tabatha Leggett visits A C Grayling's elite start-up, where the first intake of students are getting to grips with life at a private university.

Would you swim in China's rivers?
By Sam Geall - 24 June 12:15

A burgeoning popular interest in China's ecological problems has led to citizens trying to win greater oversight of environmental decision-making.

It's time to remember Tony Wilding, the first tennis superstar
By Sunder Katwala - 24 June 9:46

Of the great sportsmen who lost their lives in the Great War, Wilding was quite probably the greatest of them all.

The social care system is on its knees: what is the Chancellor going to do?
By Richard Hawkes - 24 June 8:57

This week's Spending Review and next week's Lords debate of the Care Bill provide the government with opportunities to start solving our care crisis.

Can Mamphela Ramphele crack South Africa’s political mould?
By Martin Plaut - 22 June 11:41

Coming in from the political cold will be no easy task.

Will Edward Snowden be given a fair hearing?
By Michael Bochenek - 22 June 11:18

Far from committing an act of treason, as several top US lawmakers have suggested, by all appearances the NSA whistleblower has done a public service.

Dropping Trident will lead to a richer, safer Britain
By Nick Brown - 21 June 16:00

Labour should consider the non-renewal of the trident nuclear weapons system as part of its future defence and security policy, writes Nick Brown.

"We remain peaceful and happy, but now we are not dreaming anymore": Rio's rude awakening
By Liam McLaughlin - 21 June 14:12

The protests in Brazil began as a demand for cheap public transport, but are now so much more.

The "Gay Cure" movement is in its death throes – but there's still more to do
By Patrick Strudwick - 21 June 10:33

Patrick Strudwick cheers the death of Exodus International.

Inside Alpha: An atheist’s foray into Christianity
By Tabatha Leggett - 20 June 8:38

Tabatha Leggett signs up to Christianity’s most successful recruitment programme.

“It started with the narrowest of hairline fractures, so small I didn’t see what it would become”
By Sarah Pinborough - 19 June 15:55

Seeing the Nigella Lawson photographs everywhere, Sarah Pinborough remembers her own experience of a relationship that turned abusive.

Julian Assange speaking to supporters out of the window
Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy: one year older
By Carl Gardner - 19 June 14:15

Britain’s only real option is to doggedly pursue arrest and extradition, however long it takes.

The women of Gezi Park are protesters, not pin-up girls
By Harriet Fitch Little - 19 June 13:09

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan wants to cast women as mothers, sisters and wives, and those who oppose him should be careful that their imagery doesn’t do the same.

Virginia Woolf.
Shame on Vice: There is nothing glamorous about being in so much pain you want to die
By Rebecca Wait - 18 June 15:47

The Samaritans do great work offering guidance on depictions of suicide in the media and creative arts. I took them very seriously when writing my debut novel. Vice's glamorous depiction of women writers' last moments was depressingly irresponsible.

Elizabeth Fry on the reverse of the five pound note
Removing Elizabeth Fry from the five pound note isn't a small fry issue
By Stella Creasy - 18 June 13:38

Mervyn King's decision to put Winston Churchill on our five pound notes rather than Elizabeth Fry might seem trivial, but by not commemorating any women on our cash, we're encouraging the perception women are secondary to men, says Stella Creasy.

Is the outrage over Stuart Hall’s 15-month sentence justified?
By Lyndon Harris - 17 June 16:13

There has been anger expressed at Hall receiving “only” 15 months for a series of sex offences, but it must be remembered that the judge was working within the law as it stood when the offences were committed, not as it is now.

Wanting to protect children from online porn has nothing to do with social conservatism
By John Carr - 17 June 15:47

Too many people have fallen for the myth that any attempt to control the internet is bad.

The case for the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex Bill
By Rhoda Grant - 17 June 15:20

Rhoda Grant MSP explains why she thinks the arguments made against the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex Bill are flawed.

Nigella Lawson.
Nigella Lawson pictures: We must not look away from domestic violence, but we can do more than just gawp
By Sarah Ditum - 16 June 11:59

The photographs of Nigella Lawson in the Sunday People are undoubtedly shocking - but do they really "raise awareness", or is the victim, already, being neglected and ignored?

Paris Lees.
Paris Lees: Why I won't be sending you a father's day card
By Paris Lees - 16 June 10:01

When I tell people I no longer speak to you, they assume it’s because of my difficult and lengthy transition from male to female. That frames me as the problem. I don’t speak to you because I don’t share your values and I don’t like the way you treat people.

Firemen extinguish a burning car in Kista after riots in Swedish suburbs
The Swedish riots: What really happened?
By Liam McLaughlin - 14 June 14:59

Inequality, not immigration, was what sparked the unrest.

A couple wrapped in the Scottish flag look down on the Scottish Parliament
Amnesty, human rights and the criminalisation of sex work
By Melissa Gira Grant - 12 June 9:51

A controversy involving a bill before the Scottish Parliament and a rogue submission by its Paisley Branch has forced Amnesty to clarify its position on the criminalisation of sex work.

"I could not exist, much less live a fulfilling life, without my carer"
By Hannah Buchanan - 12 June 9:00

Writing for National Carers Week, Hannah Buchanan explains why the role of carers in our society is so important, and why we should be more aware of what they do for us.

Islamophobia and violent extremism: tackling the twin-menace head on
By Muhammad Abdul Bari - 11 June 9:12

Faith and conviction cannot be burnt by the flames of hatred.

Egypt–Ethiopia crisis: “No Nile, No Egypt”
By Martin Plaut - 11 June 8:49

Long years of deadlock and bitter recrimination are now coming to a head as the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam threatens Egypt's water security.

Syrian army soldiers assess a damaged street in the town of Qusayr
Why does the left find it so difficult to take a position on Syria?
By Assed Baig - 10 June 15:30

It is now the responsibility of the left to support the Syrian people, but be critical friends, remaining true to their principles.