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Nigella Lawson.
Nigella Lawson pictures: We must not look away from domestic violence, but we can do more than just gawp
By Sarah Ditum - 16 June 11:59

The photographs of Nigella Lawson in the Sunday People are undoubtedly shocking - but do they really "raise awareness", or is the victim, already, being neglected and ignored?

Paris Lees.
Paris Lees: Why I won't be sending you a father's day card
By Paris Lees - 16 June 10:01

When I tell people I no longer speak to you, they assume it’s because of my difficult and lengthy transition from male to female. That frames me as the problem. I don’t speak to you because I don’t share your values and I don’t like the way you treat people.

Firemen extinguish a burning car in Kista after riots in Swedish suburbs
The Swedish riots: What really happened?
By Liam McLaughlin - 14 June 14:59

Inequality, not immigration, was what sparked the unrest.

A couple wrapped in the Scottish flag look down on the Scottish Parliament
Amnesty, human rights and the criminalisation of sex work
By Melissa Gira Grant - 12 June 9:51

A controversy involving a bill before the Scottish Parliament and a rogue submission by its Paisley Branch has forced Amnesty to clarify its position on the criminalisation of sex work.

"I could not exist, much less live a fulfilling life, without my carer"
By Hannah Buchanan - 12 June 9:00

Writing for National Carers Week, Hannah Buchanan explains why the role of carers in our society is so important, and why we should be more aware of what they do for us.

Islamophobia and violent extremism: tackling the twin-menace head on
By Muhammad Abdul Bari - 11 June 9:12

Faith and conviction cannot be burnt by the flames of hatred.

Egypt–Ethiopia crisis: “No Nile, No Egypt”
By Martin Plaut - 11 June 8:49

Long years of deadlock and bitter recrimination are now coming to a head as the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam threatens Egypt's water security.

Syrian army soldiers assess a damaged street in the town of Qusayr
Why does the left find it so difficult to take a position on Syria?
By Assed Baig - 10 June 15:30

It is now the responsibility of the left to support the Syrian people, but be critical friends, remaining true to their principles.

Giving back choice: why New York's sex trafficking law needs to change
By Lauren Hersh - 10 June 9:26

It's time to listen to the real experts, says Lauren Hersh.

Top ten things you will do as a parent that you will not like
By Eeh Bah Mum - 10 June 9:06

You think you won't, but you will.

The real winners from today's hunger summit
By Christine Haigh - 07 June 17:30

The real causes of hunger are inequality of wealth and power, not a lack of big business. So the G8 leaders should abandon their efforts to promote the corporate takeover of African agriculture, and instead support the demands of the African farmers’ grou

Can pornography be art?
By Tabatha Leggett - 07 June 17:24

Can only when we stop confusing artistic merit with ethical deformity can we start having interesting conversations about what constitutes “artistic” pornography and whether there’s a market for it, says Tabatha Leggett.

Stephen Fry at the premiere of the latest Star Trek film in May 2013.
Reporting suicide: Journalists must resist the temptation to make it a "better story"
By Willard Foxton - 07 June 12:28

As the reporting of Paris Jackson and Stephen Fry's suicide attempts has shown, the media has a chronic problem with the quality of reporting around suicide.

For their attackers, mosques are seen as places of "difference"
By Chris Allen - 07 June 9:28

Chris Allen's research has shown that mosques are rarely just seen by as places of worship.

Michael Adebolajo arrives at court
Why Mehdi Hasan is half right and half wrong on foreign policy as a cause of terrorism
By Paul Stott - 06 June 13:59

Uncomfortable though it might be, it is entirely conceivable the Woolwich attack was motivated by both an unwise, unsustainable and unjust foreign policy, and the beliefs predominant within minority elements of British Sunni Islam, namely Salafi-Jihadis.

New Statesman
Want to see a natural birth? Go to a sheep farm
By Sarah Ditum - 06 June 10:58

Humans just aren't very good at giving birth - we produce magnificently big-skulled babies and have skinny little pelvises. A natural birth may sounds wonderful in theory, but in practice it's wise to give nature a helping hand.

How the Disability Living Allowance is being reformed
By Esther McVey - 06 June 9:23

A response from the Minister for Disabled People.

Mau Mau settlement: the Kenyan government’s shame
By Martin Plaut - 06 June 9:12

The British are certainly in the dock today, but so are the Kenyan authorities.

The Left should mobilise against religious extremism as well as the far right
By Sunny Hundal - 05 June 10:50

Anti-fascists who happily march against the BNP or EDL rarely show that level of commitment against Anjem Choudhary’s group. Why?

How many people have to die before Obama takes personal responsibility for Guantanamo?
By Cori Crider - 05 June 10:26

"I will go back at this," the President claimed. But when? While he wrings his hands and blames Congress, men who have been denied justice are protesting in the only way they can - refusing to eat.

An anti-government protester waves Turkey's national flag
People have killed their fear of authority - and the protests are growing
By Ece Temelkuran - 03 June 11:53

What began in an Istanbul park has tapped in to years of grievances.

While white feminists argue among ourselves, Rod Liddle gets away with racism
By Louise McCudden - 03 June 11:32

“Don’t feed the trolls”: race, privilege, and intersectional feminism.

Duncan Smith has created a ticking social time bomb - and we'll pick up the bill
By Hannah Fearn - 31 May 16:52

Pushing the poorest people to borrow money to pay their rent, and far beyond their means, forces our social problems under the carpet.

Memo to Jo Swinson: men have body image issues, too
By Glen Poole - 31 May 15:21

The government's gender equality campaigns either ignore or stereotype men and boys.

Sold for a Playstation and a car: Saudi's child brides
By Suad Abu-Dayyeh - 31 May 10:42

Over the next decade one hundred million girls will marry before their 18th birthday worldwide.

The BNP's bid to march in Woolwich shows its desperation
By Matthew Collins - 31 May 10:14

Having once implored BNP members to avoid marches, Griffin is losing a race to the bottom.

Why legal aid reforms must be stopped, Exhibit D: the "fraudster"
By Barrister's Wife - 30 May 15:55

Innocent people could be in jail if proposed changes to the legal system are implemented. Here is one of them.

Playboy bunnies in 2011, before the launch of the new Playboy Club in Mayfair
Are Playboy bunnies feminism’s biggest paradox?
By Tabatha Leggett - 30 May 10:19

If modern feminism is about freedom of expression, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing to be viewed as a sexual object.

Censorship and over-simplification: the problems of the Lose the Lads' Mags campaign
By Nichi Hodgson - 28 May 9:54

The potential censorship ramifications of the campaign are huge, and it also misses the opportunity to create productive dialogue around gender and desire, argues Nichi Hodgson.

Grace Bellavue, in an Instagram self-portrait (Instagram/gracebellavue)
Grace Bellavue: "Social media has given sex workers a real opportunity to be heard”
By Laura Parker - 27 May 10:03

Laura Parker interviews Grace Bellavue, the closest thing Australia has to a celebrity sex worker.