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I am a trained journalist with an extensive background in research and investigation.

I’m am now retired and am considered by some a Perpetual Traveler, exercising my personal freedoms in an ethical and legal manner in accordance with the laws of my country.

A friend of more than forty years attended a Lyoness presentation and was intrigued. She is also retired and is interested in supplementing her Social Security and savings. Unlike me, she is a citizen of the United States. After the presentation, she attempted to engage in responsible due diligence on Lyoness, but found it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. She called in a favor (I owe her more than I can count!) and asked me for help. I certainly have the time and still enjoy deep research, so agreed. After sifting through all available data, I “green lighted” the business opportunity. After more consideration, she chose to become a member and is now developing her business.


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